Monday, October 12, 2009

New Clothes! and other distracting things

New clothes are always exciting, even if they're of maternity variety. My mom visited Austin this weekend and took me out shopping Sunday for some stylish pregnancy work clothes. We actually found some, and I now have 3 maternity dresses, 2 pairs of stretch panel pants, and 4 maternity tops hanging in my closet. I love all of them and almost can't wait to fit into them. I'm trying to remember what it was like being hugely pregnant last time and I can't seem to recall what it felt and looked like. Maybe I've blocked it out? Or maybe it just didn't bother me that much. I also need to buy some lower heeled shoes. I know last time I wore my 2.5-3" heels up until the day I went into labor, but I always like an excuse for new shoes and it might be nice to be lower to the ground. I need some new fall/winter shoes anyway- all of my boots are meant for snow and not mild Austin winters. I can be much more stylish than practical now.

Landon and I drove over to San Antonio to see my grandparents who have returned from spending their usual summer at their lake house in Wisconsin. An aunt, uncle, and cousins were also visiting, as was my mom, so I had Landon wear his snazzy new "Big Brother" shirt. It was a big hit - everyone was so excited when they noticed it that they scared the little man. His clothes have never made such a statement before. We ate a delicious brunch together at their retirement community, and Landon inhaled 2 plates of food, eating perfectly with his spoon and being generally delightful. I emailed a picture of Landon in his shirt to the rest of my extended family to share the news and everyone is very excited.

I also spent much of the weekend picking out curtain rods and drapes for our master bedroom and bathroom. Now that I'm back in the office I'm having a hard time holding back googling more decor ideas or pregnancy articles. I'm also suddenly exhausted. I've got to find a way to be productive while all these distracting things are bouncing around in my head. This was so much easier when I was in law school and could waste time whenever I wanted - no one knew but me how little time I actually spend studying.

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