Monday, March 24, 2008

Post-Bunny Busyness

We have returned home to a snow dusted Chicago. It's a bit surreal to unpack swim suits and remember that just two days ago JP was out on a jet ski and Landon and I were in shorts and short-sleeves, feeling the grass beneath our barefoot toes. He finally got to wear some of the clothes I got back in May at his baby shower- including this fabulous UT jersey onesie. I believe "Hook 'Em" will be among his first words.

Overall the trip was very productive and great fun. One of the many reasons I am not completely depressed about leaving Chicago is how much I enjoy my family and how happy I am to soon be within driving distance of them. I can't wait to be able to throw a few bags in the back of the car and drive three hours for a weekend visit - much better than baby airplane logistics and the packing and re-packing of clothes, accessories, shopping trip purchases, and the gifts Landon accumulates wherever he goes. No matter how much space I try to leave in the suitcases, they are always stuffed to the point of bursting when we head home.

My family hadn't seen Landon since Thanksgiving, and the approximately one million photos I take each month just aren't a proper substitute for seeing the little man in person. He's changed so much! He didn't notice Molly, our loyal yellow lab, on the last trip, but this time he found the "big kitty" fascinating. Molly, being the wonderful dog that she is, endured his affections as best she could. But after about 15 minutes of his squealing, "petting," and trying to use her leg as a teether, she did look over at me like, "Excuse me, I'm about 110 in doggie years, and I've given you all the best of them. Can you please remove this mini human so that I can take my nap in peace? Thanks."

Easter is a big holiday in my family. We always attend both Good Friday and Easter Sunday services; it bookends a weekend that could be overshadowed by a giant bunny, and it's fitting to mourn the death before you celebrate the resurrection. Both services this year were beautiful. Landon spent all of Good Friday service in the cry room with my sister - he wasn't fussy, but he's recently discovered a range of very loud squeaking noises that just didn't seem appropriate for the solemn occasion. On Sunday, we all slept in (except for Landon and JP) and ended up going to the 11:00 service, which meant that for the first time ever we didn't do Easter baskets before church. When did we get so grown up that we didn't automatically wake up at the crack of down on a day that promised presents?

My dad (excuse me, the Easter Bunny) hides our baskets somewhere downstairs, and even though we've lived in the same house for 19 years, and he only uses three rooms, and the baskets are kind of big, it actually takes us a while to find them. This year he was distressed that I didn't have a basket, as Landon had "inherited" mine, but I assured him I was okay with the transition. And he needn't have worried, Mrs. Easter Bunny snuck in a few items for JP and I.

Landon was very dapper in his outfit and hat. Everyone is always amazed at his hat-wearing skills. I didn't know they were unique, but if you stick a hat on his head, he won't touch it. I think he knows how handsome it makes him look, and he enjoys the attention from the ladies.

The afternoon went by quickly with all toy playing, donut eating, and suitcase cramming. At the airport we were pleasantly surprised to find that the plane was less than half full (when is that last time that happened? 8 years ago?), so we got the entire bulkhead row to ourselves. As you can see, Landon was thrilled to have his own seat:

And it's a good thing he did because I have never seen him so active or chatty. We went through all our toys, bottles, and spare clothes (he spit up on JP and pooped through his diaper), but we made it okay. He slept near the end and my sinus pressure wasn't nearly as bad as the first flight. We got home around 10 PM and now that I've written a small novel, I suppose it's time to get to the unpacking, grocery shopping, cleaning, and other to-do list items that come with returning from a nine day vacation. Not to mention all the home-buying and daycare-picking related phone calls. And that small 35 page paper I have to research and write before May 19th so that I can graduate and pay for the house we are purchasing.

Happy late Easter to you all!


  1. Too cute. I almost bought that argyle sweater for Bear to wear to Easter service. I instead bought him the socks that matched Landons sweater and the striped shirt.

  2. The hat is awesome. Glad you had a great Easter (and your head didn't explode). Hope you're all better!

  3. lovely lovely pictures! he's so stinkin' cute in that Easter outfit! :D

  4. So glad y'all had a great Easter weekend. I want a onesie like that... it looks uber comfortable. What??? That's not weird...

  5. You have, without doubt, the happiest looking baby I've ever seen. Happy Easter!

  6. Too bad I only "know" you in blog world. I'd be your real life friend. I appreciate how down to earth and optimistic you are. Glad you enjoyed Easter and appreciated the meaning of the holiday.

    Reading your blog is a nice mini-study break for me.

    Now back to completing my 25 page brief - due tomorrow. I wish there were an award for biggest procrastinator who still ends up with good grades. I'd win that one for sure! I keep thinking I just have "finishing touches" left and then realized that I neglected an entire important issue. It's never over!

  7. Those photos are fantastic! Your son's legs are SO MUCH THINNER than my son's! That's the first thing I noticed about the Texas picture . . . that and how cute it is! Glad you had a good Easter!

    Oh, and I LOATHE the air travel with infant thing. It's such a struggle . . . especially when your "lap infant" weighs almost 30 lbs . . .

  8. AW. I SO WISH Grayson would keep a hat on his head ... he used to when he was Landon's age, but won't anymore. *sigh*

    glad you made it back okay!

  9. Mama Sally in Houston3/25/08, 6:38 AM

    Sounds like y'all had a nice trip back to Texas. Maybe one day I'll run across y'all when I take a road trip to Austin or whenever y'all are in town visiting your folks in Houston. I don't think I could miss that cute little guy in a crowd of a thousand. Welcome back *almost* to Texas!!

  10. I don't know you personally, but I have been reading your blog for awhile. I am just so happy for your little family with all of the wonderful things you have going on. What a happy post this was and I wish you all of the best in your new adventure!

  11. Fantastic photos! We have a couple of my little sister with our dog that look much the same as your one - My sister with an "OMGHAI!" expression, and the long-suffering dog sporting a look of weary resignation.

    And Landon looks like Charlie Brown in the hat! Adorable.

  12. love the texas onesie!!!!!!