Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Breaking of the Proverbial Camel's Back

Yes, I am the camel.

I keep getting sicker- my nose is raw and pink from the constant blowing. I've actually been walking around school with a box of deluxe triple-ply kleenex in one hand and a bag to throw my used tissues in the other. It's as pathetic as it sounds. Last night was a real low point. I had another splitting headache, fever, coughing, runny nose, etc. Landon was fussy, refusing food and the bottle, and topped off the good times by throwing up all over me. JP was working late, so I was on my own all night. It sucked. There's something about being sick that just makes you feel selfish. Maybe it's a survival mechanism, but all I wanted to do last night was curl up on the couch with some tea and a chick flick. Landon was having none of that sitting on the couch business, so we walked around the apartment, took a long bath, and swayed in the dark in his room. He finally went to sleep at 9, just in time for Top Chef Chicago (I cannot tell you how excited I am about this season of the show - it's in my city!).

Yes, I was supposed to be studying for the final I had today, but all of the above-mentioned crappiness got in the way. And sure, I could have read outlines after Landon went to bed, but I felt I deserved some kind of indulgence and Top Chef was my bon bon of choice. I tried to study during the commercials, but I was brain dead and enveloped in a fog of cold medicine. JP got home around 10:30 and we had a big, stupid argument about nothing because we felt sorry for ourselves, and it really never works out well when you both think you deserve pity at the same time.

So, the con law final. It's done. It wasn't great, but I'm sure I passed. Of the three questions, one was entirely about a section I never read in the book or got to in any of the outlines, so that was unfortunate. I was certain there were lots of cases on point, but I couldn't think of them; and I knew there was deep analytical things to be said, but I couldn't think of any of those either, so I made stuff up. It was supposed to be a mock Supreme Court opinion and I think that's what the justices sometimes do anyway. Anytime you see, "It is settled law that ______" without a citation, that's a hint that they're completely winging it. My exam answers should at least entertain the professor with my grand statements about law that are totally without precedent. Any way, winter quarter is over and that means there's only one left between me and graduation! (Well, there's that substantial paper I still have to write, but we'll ignore that for now).

Landon was up again most of last night crying, so JP took off work this morning despite the mountain of projects on his desk to take him to the pediatrician. He has another ear infection - that makes five in two months. We have an appointment with the ENT on the 31st. She said it looked like the infection was declining, so hopefully with two days of antibiotics the plane ride won't be the horrific experience I'm imagining. The poor kid. I'm pretty sure we're looking at PE tubes, and right now I feel like we can't get them in soon enough.

So this week has pretty much stunk, but we were (barely) surviving. Then I got this email from the lender of my student loans, with the title "IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED":

Dear [LL],

As you may know there have been unprecedented disruptions in the capital markets that have significantly affected the ability for lenders to issue student loans. As a result, we are unable to fulfill your pending loan disbursements. Therefore you must contact your financial aid office as soon as possible to take the necessary steps to secure replacement funding for the disbursements that we are canceling.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause you, but by contacting your financial aid office immediately you will be able to secure funds from another lender.


[your lender who just lost a lot of money in the stock market]

Aaaaaaaaaah. I hate student loans. They confuse me and somehow I always apply for them wrong. Now I have to do it again, in the middle of the year. Don't they know I'm applying for a mortgage and this increases the amount of paperwork I have to pull together in two days? It's really just been one of those weeks.

But the weather outside is gorgeous, and Landon and I are going to get pizza with a good friend of mine who's in town from San Francisco. Things are going to start looking up. And even if they don't, Landon will be in the loving arms of his grandparents while JP and I spend three whole days in Austin house hunting, daycare visiting, and eating all the Tex-Mex we can handle. I'm pretty sure copious amounts of tequila will also be involved. Just two more days...


  1. When it rains it pours doesn't it? I hope the trip to Texas will provide you the much needed break you are looking for. I am a firm believer that there is very little that house hunting, warm weather, Tex Mex and margaritas can't fix. I hope you can get tubes in Landon's ears soon so he can get all better.

  2. Two days is right. Holy cow, that is a lot for one little family to deal with! I hope all of you are on the mend soon and you have a great time in Austin.

  3. What the hell - you gotta get that kid TUBES - and FAST!

    Oh, and I find that heavy drinking always helps me feel better!

  4. WTF? My student loans confuse and terrify me. If I got a letter like that from the loan people I would probably just sit down and cry.

  5. I know! I wanted to email them back and be like, did you really lose all your money? Don't you have $14,000 left to cover my spring quarter tuition? Pleeeeaaaase.

  6. I'm glad I never got a letter like that...I would totally panic and call them screeching like a banshee. Well, I hope you get the paperwork in order in time! Like you don't have anything else going on in your life!

  7. Oh, my god. What a pain! I hope you feel better soon, that Landon feels better soon, that you find your dream home, AND that you have a great spring break!!!

  8. Hang in there. Have some Trudy's for me!!!! I'm sooooo jealous!

  9. I'd also be freaking out over the loan.

    it really never works out well when you both think you deserve pity at the same time.

    You are a wise woman.

    Hope you all feel better and win the lottery.

  10. That's crazy about the student loans! I hope you're both feeling better soon!

  11. AND the weather in austin is gorgeous and will definitely bring lots of healing, what with all the flowers and a pregnant ME in close proximity :)

    seriously though, i really hope you feel better sooner than soon.

  12. Stupid student loan people. Aargh!

    I hope you're feeling better. I just came down with The Funk today. Hopefully I haven't infected Husband and the kid. Why is it when you don't have time to be sick, that's exactly when it happens?