Sunday, March 30, 2008

Doing Anything But

Spring quarter begins tomorrow. I haven't done any reading for the first day- I haven't even chosen my classes for the first day. I haven't started that substantial paper- the one I was hoping to finish (ha!) or at least get well underway during the break. I also haven't started the paper for my independent research from fall quarter.

I have, however, reorganized and re-labeled all our files. I have filled in Landon's baby book. I have done four loads of laundry. I have discovered new dinner recipes and created a grocery list. I have purchased gifts for any and all weddings taking place in 2008. I have researched appliances and furniture for our new home. I have played and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed my time with Landon.

Unfortunately most of those things were not on my to-do list and are not going to make this upcoming quarter, with its four classes, two unfinished papers, and myriad of non-school related tasks any easier.


  1. I have the same experience every weekend. I plan on studying but do a million other things instead! But choosing classes should be fun right?

  2. I completely understand. Try not to punish yourself. There will be times when you get into your work zone and you will feel annoyed by those interuptions by Landon no matter how cute he is. I'm a believer in just giving into the mood you are in. Work when you are in work mode, clean when you are in cleaning mode, and relax and spend time with the baby when you are in that mode. Unless of course you are constantly in one mode. You've got to have balance.

  3. I haven't even gotten Gavin's baby book done...and he will be 4 soon!

    glad you got some time to get a lot done to give you that great sense of accomplishment!