Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I am sick. Splitting headache, constant nose-blowing, frequent sneezing, feverish with chills, feel like crap, want to curl up on the couch with tea, kleenex, and really bad TV, kind of sick. Landon is sick too. I am in the middle of finals. JP has been working late. The week is not going particularly well.

Yesterday was pure misery. I had an 8-hour take home exam in Sexual Orientation and the Law. I began studying for the final after picking it up 10 minutes late from the registrar's office. I spent the first two hours checking email, reading news stories, and outlining the questions. During the next six hours I wrote 3,920 words over 14 pages while going through a box of kleenex, 8 cups of tea, and sneezing every 20 minutes. I'm certain everyone in the library hated me. I emailed in the exam 30 minutes early because I just couldn't think of anything else to say. I think I did fine, nothing great, but I had good notes from the class, and I was able to turn them into thorough, even if far from brilliant, essays. I'm just glad it's done.

After turning in the exam, I picked up Landon and found out he had thrown up all over Maya and his clothes earlier in the day. I adore her because she didn't even call me, she just cleaned him up and put him to bed. He was still asleep when I got there and very upset at being bothered. He was fussy, feverish, and clingy all evening. I had one of the worst headaches I've had in years (and that's saying a lot), a 102 degree fever of my own, and just wanted to cry. Landon wanted to cry too, so we sat on our recliner, watched re-runs of America's Next Top Model, and cried together. JP got home in time to give Landon his bath while I curled up in a ball and moaned along with the pulsing in my head. Landon was up from 3 to 5 AM, but JP dealt with it and thanks to a dense fog of nighttime cold medicine, I slept through everything.

This morning Landon woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, so maybe his cold was just taking one final stand last night. He had been feeling (and sleeping!) much better the past few days, so I was surprised when he seemed worse yesterday. I still feel awful, but at least I was able to take Landon to daycare this morning. My Con Law II final is tomorrow morning, and I'm still missing giant sections in my outline (like freedom of the press, only a small part of the 1st Amendment), but I just want it over with. Then I can focus on fun things like creating a beautiful excel spreadsheet with our potential Austin home information on it, coloring in a map of the neighborhood we're looking in, and creating a schedule of daycares we're going to visit while there. I opened up excel this morning, but forced myself to close it because I should at least read through some con law outlines before the exam. I mean seriously, I must have some kind of academic standards left in me. This makes me worry about the Fall- I wonder how hard it will be to rediscover my work ethic. I know I used to have one...


  1. You'll find it again. Trust me. The first year intimidation along with the billable hours requirement will get you going again in no time!

  2. Ugh I have the same thing (minus the finals and baby). Hope you feel better!

  3. Sexual Orientation and the Law? That sounds like the not-quite-law classes I'm taking! Kudos!

    Oh, and I have a cold, too. I feel your pain!

  4. Oh, I had the same virus this month, I think.

    You are a superwoman to power through that exam under such circumstances. Truly.

    Glad to see that Landon isn't perturbed by his bandaid. I plan to tell my own son that his scar from The Bump Removal is just like Harry Potter's scar. (Whenever he gets old enough to get around to asking me.)

  5. oh yuck! I hope you're feeling better. Too bad you can't bring your babysitter down to Austin with you. She sounds great. Our daycare is really good, too. They don't panic over a random puking (especially if one of the kids has a nasty snotty cold and the phlegm makes them gag and throw-up). Always nice that they understand that you have your child with them for a reason and don't call and panic over little things.