Thursday, December 20, 2007

Raffi! (and random updates)

A family friend just sent us the Raffi Christmas album. My childhood Christmas trilogy is complete: Raffi, A Sesame Street Christmas, and A Christmas with the Chipmunks. I love how kids are an excuse to revisit your own childhood!

And now we're off to our parenting class (that we aren't allowed to bring our baby to).

Class Update (because this is already a mixed-topic post): the parenting class was fine, though we didn't really learn anything new.

General Landon Update: he's feeling better, the inhaler has made a huge difference. It doesn't bother him anymore- he actually smiles when I put it over his mouth, which looks hilarious. I don't think he breathes as deeply as he did when he cried, but it seems to be working anyway. The Prednisone has made him projectile vomit, so we're not giving him that anymore. The pediatrician is calling me tomorrow to see if we should try something else or just wait longer and see if the mucous clears up on its own. For the first time EVER he slept 7 hours last night. There was great rejoicing in the LagLiv household. He's over 5 months old and still a terrible sleeper; due, I'm sure, to the craziness and upheaval of the last few months. Maybe now we can finally give him some sort of routine- I think we'd all benefit from that.


  1. Because that makes sense and all...a parenting class with NO babies. Right...

    Sorry for the sarcasm. Your ordeal has made me so angry with people! I'm praying for you three like crazy...I just want log on one day and hear that it is OVER!

    Anyways, we're headed out of town so I wanted to wish you three a merry Christmas! I hope you are blessed incredibly with the love of family and God.

  2. Aw - glad the little man is feeling better. As the mother of another terrible sleeper (I ONCE got five hours... lately it's been two or maybe three) I give a big congrats on 7 hours!!

  3. I've been reading your site for awhile and hoping for the best for you and your family.
    I wanted to comment on the breathing issues specifically. Our daughter has asthma and so we've been through the medications and hospital visits too. At 3 1/2 our girl is finally stable; she takes a daily steroid inhaler. She also vomited from the Pred., so we opted for the shot version. Anyway, I hope this doesn't become asthma for your guy, but know that it won't always be an emergency. :)
    Best of luck to you!
    P.S. What's up with the airplane anger? I don't understand why someone would bother leaving you such a negative comment. Bah!

  4. Argh on the childcare-less parenting class. That's Crap!!!

    Prednisone makes Pumpkinhead sweat all over! It's a wonder drug when their lungs are so bad, but still...