Sunday, December 23, 2007


Thank you, readers, for sending me this comic on the theory of "airplaneseatreclineology" and how it explains the human condition. Cracked me up. Who knew seat reclining was such a mainstream and contentious issue?!

I hope your holidays are going well. It's about 5 degrees outside and the wind is howling. Landon is in his Santa Suit, JP is wrapping presents, and I am finally baking our cookies with Raffi's Christmas album playing in the background. It's warm, cozy, and quite wonderful to be inside together. Merry almost Christmas!


  1. Sounds like a perfect night! Merry almost-Christmas. :)

  2. As a person about to embark on a long International flight in the morning I find that HILARIOUS!!

  3. Oh! That comic is priceless and absolutely on point. That's great!

  4. This is hilarious. Oh and I finally found the device I mentioned earlier:

    It might be a good stocking stuffer for you next year. :o)

  5. My friend just got some sort of geegaw from another friend that you attach to the tray table, and it supposedly can keep the person in front of you from being able to recline their seat. It looks promising if it actually works.
    And count me in as another one who thinks it's absolutely the RUDEST thing possible to recline a seat on an airplane. Is that extra 5 degree incline really making you that much more comfortable, 'cos I just don't believe that it is...