Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bikinis Already?

I made a quick Target run this morning and saw bikinis prominently displayed at the front of the women's section of the store. Really?! It's 20 degrees outside and we got a bunch of snow yesterday- just the thought of exposed skin gave me goose bumps. It also made me look at my stomach with sadness and a longing for the days of yore. While my old clothes fit and I now weigh less than I did before growing a Landon, my stomach has not returned to its previous form. Perhaps from a distance, if I was standing up perfectly straight and nothing was pressing into my middle, you might be fooled into thinking the extra skin (that is no longer needed but appears to be staying) is toned abs rather than pure squishiness. But you wouldn't be fooled for long. Sigh, I suppose it's time for a few sit-ups or maybe even going to the gym. The small mountain of Christmas cookies I've eaten over the past few days probably hasn't helped. At least I live in Chicago and can stay fully covered for a good five more months- and maybe the bathing costume will make a come back...


  1. i keep wishing for the bathing costume to come back too :)

  2. I'm with ya, girl!

    Actually, by the time Gavin was about a year old, the belly didn't look too awful...the squishiness kind of firmed up. But I'm thinking after this second one that I may have to pack up the bikinis and only terrify people with a tankini (the stretch marks doubled and so did the squishiness).

  3. Well that's good to know. I've been rather amazed at how much the area has improved with time- after Landon was born I was utterly horrified and thought perhaps I had been carrying twins after all- there was certainly room left for one!

    One thing I was lucky about- no stretch marks! I think my family has very elastic skin.