Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cookies, interrupted

I've spent hours on multiple grocery store visits preparing for our first Christmas at home. I did one last Target run this morning. I then spent 3 hours in the car going to the airport to pick up the in-laws (and grandma-in-law), delivering them to their Michigan Avenue hotel, and then battling traffic back to our apartment (all with a non-napping, increasingly annoyed Landon in the backseat). We're home. The little guy is happily playing in his high chair, the Christmas music is playing, the tacky lights are twinkling, and I'm all ready to bake sugar and gingerbread cookies before we meet everyone downtown for dinner.

And I have no butter. I have eggs, sugar, flour, etc. but no butter. I never use butter, but I was pretty sure we had a few sticks laying around- turns out, we just have the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter zero calorie spray. I'm pretty sure that would not work in my delicious, sugary, calorie-laden cookies.

So we're piling back into the car to get some freaking butter. If I wasn't craving raw cookie dough so badly, I'd probably just scrap the whole thing.


  1. Next time you should buy extra and freeze it. We never use it, either, so that's what I do so it will be on hand when I need some.

  2. if i bring the butter, can i have some cookies?

  3. spookiepants12/23/07, 11:46 AM



  4. I freeze butter, too. But I use it a bit more...any time I cook I use the butter instead of margarine or some healthier spread. We have the spray non-butter stuff, but that's only because my mom was worried about our health and bought it (even though she is never here...she lives 700 miles away). Guess our Brummel and Brown yogurt spread had too many calories for her liking. :)
    How did the cookies turn out?