Monday, May 7, 2007

Baby Shower Fun

So yesterday was the big baby shower- it was some of the most fun I've had since law school started! I am blessed with such incredible friends- it's hard to believe I didn't know any of them two years ago. My hostess could have an alternate career as a gourmet chef and caterer. She made four kinds of fancy tea sandwiches, scones from scratch, lemonade squeezed from fresh lemons, and so much more. I got some darling gifts. You would never think we were a room full of highly educated future power lawyers- our vocabulary consisted of "ooh" "aah" and "that's So cute!". It was a really, really fun afternoon.

Being surrounded by such supportive, enthusiastic people has made such a difference during this pregnancy. I thought I would be pretty much alone- my family and all my old friends are 1000 miles away and I knew I'd be the only pregnant law student at UC. But while I do wish my mom was closer (as much for her sake as mine), I'm not overwhelmingly homesick like I thought I'd be. My friends and classmates are so interested and excited about having a law school baby- I literally get choked up when I think about how wonderful everyone has been!


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  2. Bengali Chick5/8/07, 9:49 AM

    That's so sweet! I made some of my best friends in lawschool.