Thursday, March 27, 2014


As long time readers will know, I've never done a sponsored post on this blog. Ever. Anything I say about a product is purely because it's the thing that popped into my head to write about when I opened blogger, and anything I say about it is simply because that's what I wanted to say. I've never used affiliated links (I don't really even know what affiliate links are) and I've responded to every potential sponsor's email over the last 7.5 years with a polite "thank but no thanks." I don't care when other blogs do sponsored things- maintaining a blog is hard and there's many a night I go to bed later than I otherwise would have just so I can update mine, so if people get to receive and review the occasional free product for their efforts, that's great, I've just always felt a strong need to separate my corporate from my personal. A lawyer by paycheck, blogger by fun/choice kind of thing.

But then, several weeks ago, I was shopping for a wedding gift for my sister on, and while browsing, an email popped up in my inbox from someone in the Uncommon Goods marketing department asking if I'd be interested in a sponsored post. My first thought was, Whoah Google, you've taken this sneaky matching ads with what I'm browsing thing TOO FAR. But then I realized that this nice marketing person had nothing to do with google and appeared to have actually looked at my blog (unlike many an email I get), and so, for the first time ever, I agreed to do a sponsored post.

Because, you guys, I really do like this online store. They have a collection of items that are nice, different (uncommon!), and generally handcrafted by independent artisans. The item I eventually ordered for my sister is one such thing and I can't wait to show it to you, but she does occasionally read this blog and her bridal shower isn't until the middle of May, so we have to wait. But the gift arrived with a note from the artist and an explanation of how she learned her craft (she's third generation at what she does) and I love that, especially for a special wedding gift. I also love that much of what they sell uses recycled or upcycled materials and their lowest paid seasonal worker still is paid at least 50% above minimum wage. And mostly I just love a well-organized website with pretty, unique things.

Like this floating mug (here). Necessary? Absolutely not. Cool gift for the rabid tea drinker in your life who doesn't have a coaster at work and keeps getting napkins stuck to the wood of her desk because her hot cup melts the napkin fibers? Yes!

Or these "neighborhood" coasters. I may not still live in Chicago, but I like buying things that let me relive the memories. (There's other cities too, here).

Or this potential wedding gift! (Link here, and no Val, this isn't what you're getting, but I do like it!)

So if you're looking for a gift for Mother's Day, click here or here, or another unique gift, give them a look. Their website is nicely divided into lots of gift giving categories (like "gifts for women" click here, or "gifts for kids" here) which I appreciate, particularly after the google has overwhelmed me with options. And in a few more weeks I'll get to show you what I picked out for my sister- I love it so much I can't wait for her (and you) to see it!

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In case it wasn't already clear, this post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods. I got to pick out an item in exchange for writing something about the company. All words and opinions are very much mine and none of the links have any sort of commission component. I just think it's just a good company with pretty things that I like and hope you like too :).


  1. I'm bookmarking this website for Christmas shopping later in the year! The floating mug is perfect for my mom. Thanks!

  2. This is my go-to site for my MIL. They have this cool blanket made from old saris.

  3. Uncommon Goods is one of my all-around favorite gift shops. I just gave my husband some wood collar stays from there for our 5th Anniversary (wood is the traditional gift), and not long ago got the sweetest personalized wine box as a wedding gift for friends. They always have the best stuff.

  4. That mug is all kinds of awesome. Here's hoping they ship to Australia. (Yes you do have readers from Down Under)