Thursday, March 20, 2014

Checking In (and mora Cora, of course)

I took testimony today. It was great fun; my assistant director floated in and out of the room while I took apart our witness exhibit by exhibit over 8 hours. Should I go back to a firm one day, running my own cases, and particularly my own depositions, will be something I'll sorely miss.

In other news: Cora was diagnosed with her first ear infection on Monday (milestone!); Claire had a fairly severe skin reaction to some sunscreen on Tuesday and her cheeks are just now almost back to her normal pink instead of swollen tomato red, poor thing; and Landon has his first loose tooth ("FINALLY!" he would exclaim if he were reading this; and he can read absolutely everything which means I can't just type and read whatever I want when he's in the room anymore. He started reading aloud from my kindle screen the other day when I had set it down to pick up Cora and I had to run back in the room with "ahhh! that is not for you." I read nothing remotely child appropriate. I barely read things that are adult appropriate. )

But back to Cora because every week brings a new adventure and/or baby booking/bloggable event. Since she turned 4 months old last week, we thought we'd give rice cereal a try. Cora was not impressed

Then she finally swallowed a tiny amount and was like, hmm, this tastes like my bottle, maybe it's okay? I'll smile just in case it's actually okay.

Then she started looking for her bottle. I can taste it, but where IS it?

Oh, oh, wait, here? Inside this fancy necklace?


[No words; T-minus 10 seconds from meltdown]

The sobbing was swift and strong and stopped immediately when I popped a bottle in her mouth and she did that thing where they glare at you while furiously drinking. It took like 7 minutes for her to forgive me. As it turns out, her pediatrician actually recommends delaying all cereal and baby foods until just before the 6th month, so we'll be doing that. Cora, if she hadn't been newly furious over her shots and all the impacted wax the doctor had to fish out of her ear, would have been very relieved. Smiles reign again.

On Monday I forgot to dress anyone in green, so I redeemed myself with green pancakes, GREEN MILK (highlight of the kids' lives; screw the ski vacation, just drop a dot of green food coloring in some milk and it's all they talk about for days), fried eggs, and fruit for dinner. Then I took myself to barre class next to an Irish pub and had to wade through many drunk revelers with my pink yoga mat and fuzzy moccasin slippers that I forgot to exchange for real shoes before leaving.

Cora had her 4-month check-up on Monday morning. She's in the 95th percentile for length (26"), 65th for weight (15 lbs.), and 55th for head. So tall, moderately chunky, and average headed, plus SUPER smiley. Cora's world was briefly torn apart by some shots and a thorough inspection of what turned out to be an infected ear. She'd woken up several times the night before, which is extremely uncharacteristic of her, so it was lovely to have the pediatrician karma of an 8:30 a.m. regularly scheduled check-up the next morning. So far this third-baby thing is working out pretty awesome.

I'm off to bed- insomnia + headaches + ear-achey baby + lots of extra work hours prepping for testimony all week make for a very tired me (how is it 11 pm already?), but overall things are great. Despite the insomnia, work craziness, antibiotic-induced baby tummy troubles, Claire's chemically burnt face (she's okay now though, really), and Landon's accidental introduction to vampire romance novels, there's been an ease about this week that has been missing from the last two. It's nice to have it back.

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