Sunday, March 2, 2014

Many Splendored Things

My mom came to town this weekend for a birthday visit. After a Friday evening of homemade pizza and much discussion of details for my sister's upcoming wedding, the two of us headed out at 10 a.m. when stores opened on Saturday and spent the next 6.5 hours shopping. Because when the Gigi and I get together, no TJ Maxx, Marshall's, or Ross within 20 miles is safe. And in the midst of searching for discount clothing gold among racks and racks of more questionable items, we had a glorious time.


Our first stop was accidental- a Nine West store closing sale next to the Ann Taylor where I returned the beautiful Moto jacket I fell in love with but had to divorce due to an extremely unflattering approach to my weird hip-waist measurement ratio. Anyway, at this random Nine West store I finally scored the tall brown dress boots I've been looking for since my old tall brown dress boots fell apart after 7 beautiful years together. I now have the pair pictured below, a birthday gift from mom, for $60 instead of the original $190. They are gorgeous and for once, the calf circumference is small enough to not gap ridiculously like the dozen other pairs I've ordered and returned in my 2 year quest.

Also along the way I scored the flattering maxi dress I've always wanted but never managed to find (like the shoes, I've tried on dozens and returned them all), a maxi skirt (another item I've always loved from a distance), two tees to match the skirt, a black work dress I'm completely obsessed with because of the white zipper in the back, a clingy tank dress with a superfluous hood that is weekend-adorable, a dressy dark green tunic that I can't figure out how it got to the clearance section without being purchased but will look fabulous with skinny jeans (and my boots!), and, finally, the grand finale- a bikini! That I like! And might even wear! And everything was $10-30 and completes a very badly needed update to the casual section of my closet. Yay for birthdays and birthday shopping sprees with mom- I'm already looking forward to next year's.

My Lulu outfit from JP; the back makes my heart smile
(ignore the fuzzy slippers; they're so comfy I've forgotten that they're ugly)

Also on Saturday, after Mom and I finally made it home and collapsed on the couch, Gigi volunteered to watch the kiddos while JP and I went out on a date. Two dates in one month! I don't think that's ever happened since we became parents.

Giddy, in a maxi skirt

We went to a Mexican restaurant downtown in Sundance Square. As it turns out, Fort Worth has quite the Saturday night scene! Streets crowded with people, fountains of water lit up and dancing to music, 45 minute waits for tables for 2! And two parents for once not paying hourly for a sitter who saw a 45 minute wait as an opportunity to order an extra round of margaritas at the bar instead of just $15 more bucks down the babysitting drain. After dinner we explored the Square, walked around like we lived in Chicago again, and found ourselves at a rooftop bar ordering another margarita round at 10 pm on a perfect 65-degree evening. Glorious doesn't even begin to cover it.

And then today we woke up to 15 degree weather and a world covered in sleet and snow. Looks like my swim suit and tank dresses will have to wait, though the brown boots are totally happening as soon as the ice melts.


  1. i love all of your purchases! i miss those stores (and the jaw dropping bargains they represent) so much. be careful, the lulu addiction sneaks up on you...!

  2. Enjoy your blog! And I have the same boot problem. Can't find one to fit my chicken legs! And love the bathing suit.

  3. I LOVE LOVE the bathing suit!!!! Do you mind sharing where you purchased it?

    1. Thanks ! It was a TJ Maxx find for $29.99. It's so comfortable and flattering I might actually wear it outside of the dressing room :).