Sunday, March 18, 2012

The End of Spring Break 2012: Unpackapalooza

And so ends our most action packed (and possibly least fun, though it has certainly been exciting) Spring Break ever. We'll take this last day in pictures.

Morning. Skylights make it hard to sleep in. Two kids who are super excited to be sleeping in the same room make it harder. Me and my aching back, legs, and arms are up at 6:30.

Watching cartoons IN A BED has not yet lost its novelty.

Unpacking continues. Finished the kids room. No decorating yet (lots of plans there- probably won't be put into action until their birthdays this summer though), but everything is in place, functional, and comfortable.


Family walk to a nearby park we saw on our way to dinner last night.

This park is AWESOME and reminds us a lot of Austin.

We kept walking and walking and walking and finally realized we must be pretty far from home. Thank goodness for my iPhone and google maps- after hiking up the steepest residential hill ever, with a stroller with a flat tire, we made it back.

Landon needed a little help for the last 1/2 mile, but he walked the other 2.5 on foot! (We hadn't unpacked the garage yet and couldn't find his helmet. JP is in charge of that room. I expect it to be unpacked and organized just before summer. Maybe.)

Unpacking and errands. JP took Claire to the grocery store to stock up on food for the week. I attacked the family room. It looked like this at noon.

And this at 4. Yay!

In the middle of that we got a visit from some new neighbors who brought over champagne, fresh flowers, and their adorable 2-week old baby. So incredibly generous- with a newborn in the house, it should have been us bringing them something!


Then there was more unpacking. We got rid of all the boxes via craigslist to some poor sole packing up her whole house by herself to move to Ohio. In the midst of this we got another knock on the door and it was another new neighbor with a full dinner for us! Delicious homemade Williams Sonoma crispy beef rigatoni with a salad and garlic bread. Between the park and the food and the friendly neighbors and the new squishy baby right across the street, I'm in love with our new neighborhood!

We headed to my office after the kids woke up from their naps to pick up the daycare forms I need for drop-off tomorrow, and to get my nice strong husband to deliver and set-up my fancy new 5-gallon water dispenser. So far my only cons for government work are no relocation expenses and no water. NO WATER. I was so dehydrated by the end of the week last week my lips were cracking. Now I have 5 gallons of hot/cold/room temperature water right next to my desk. I feel so fancy. There's also a park in the lawn in front of my building, so the kids had a great time with that.

(no pictures because my iPhone was left behind on the kitchen counter)

We got home, unpacked the wine (it had mistakenly been placed in the garage, which explains why I hadn't unpacked it yet), and sat down to a nice home-cooked (neighbor's home anyway) meal. Lovely.


Bath, book, and bed for the kiddos. Walking dead and design magazines for the grown-ups. Tomorrow at lunch I have to pick out all the tiling for our master bath tomorrow by myself. It's a lot of pressure. Tomorrow is also the kids' first day in the new daycare. I wasn't able to attend the mandatory orientation yet, so I'm hoping they'll let us in... Montessori's seem like sticklers for these things, but I'm sending JP to get orientated for us tomorrow. I hope the kids have a good day. Landon's uniform is all ready to go and Claire is wearing her favorite outfit with little bumblebees on it.

It's my first full week of work, JP's first week working from home, the kids first week at the new school, and a contractor's first week doing some demolition and remodel work in our house. Cheers!


  1. Do all the houses have pools? If not, I am thinking there may be some ulterior motives with those friendly neighbors. That pool looks amazing. :)

  2. What an amazing job you all have done over the past few days! I hope the kids settle in quickly and that picking out the bathroom tile is easy. Having just moved myself, I'm jealous that you're able to start right away on the remodeling projects!

  3. What a beautiful spot to eat dinner and a beautiful dinner too! Your neighbors sound awesome!

    Unpacking is a pain, but it is so satisfying to get rid of those boxes!

  4. I am both exited and totally exhausted for you! Good luck this next week.

  5. They're going to Montessori school? That's great! Charlie has been in Montessori since he was 12 months old (he's now three and a half), and we have always loved it. I hope you have a good experience there.

  6. Does your driveway lead up all the way back to the pool deck? The various photos show what a great layout this house has though it's different than the previous. Looks so sunny and bright. Congrats!

  7. Hope all is going well.

    I think in almost every photo you post of JP he's wearing burnt orange Longhorn Shorts!

    He must have got enough pairs swimming to last him a lifetime.

    1. I noticed that, too! :)

  8. You are an unpacking rockstar!

    Also, I'm super jealous of your neighbors. I've only had nice neighbors once. It sounds like it will be a fun area!