Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saying Goodbye and Other To Do's

Yesterday morning we attended a farewell playdate for Landon, organized by some moms in his class. I'm so glad they thought of it. It was low key and simple, with fruit and juice and crackers, and a perfect way to spend some time with these parents we've been seeing at drop-off and pick-up and a million birthday parties over the past 3 years. We chatted and laughed and let the kids run amok under our intermittent supervision.

Landon and one of his best buds

Leaving this daycare community makes me ache a little. These kids have been together for 3 years and they all get along so well. The parents are friendly and fun. And Claire is universally adored little mascot. Seriously, she got as much attention at the farewell party as Landon.

crazy bear


I love people and I like making new friends, but the thought of starting over from scratch in Fort Worth is a little overwhelming. After nearly 4 years in Austin we have so many friends, so many acquaintances, and so many recognizable faces and contacts. From babysitters, to our nanny, to our dentist, to our doctors... I don't want to find new ones!

And speaking of finding new everything, I spent 6 hours on Friday calling every utility company and service provider in Fort Worth to get everything set up. I feel like we're hemorrhaging money via start-up fees, but we're getting closer to move-in ready. If move-in ready is satisfied by electricity and trash collection.

I've been watching HGTV while Claire sleeps and am overwhelmed by all the decorating that will need to be done in the new house. It's such a different style from our current one, and the floor plan and living spaces are so different, I just want to sell all of our furniture and start over. I know it's okay if our house isn't perfect the first weekend we move in, and most people take their time and fix rooms over a period of years, but it's going to drive me crazy. I did finally join pinterest to keep track of all the furniture and decor I'm finding and loving, but what I really need is a budget interior designer who will do all the shopping for me and create awesome looking end tables out of frying pans like I just saw Sabrina Soto do on The High Low Project. I do not have the talent, time, or creativity to create spaces like that and it's making me sad. Our house has such potential! I just need to be patient and practical and live with rooms that aren't matching, styled, and/or accessorized until I have the time and money to make it happen. And the design skills to make it all as awesome as I think it could be. We could be waiting a long time for that last one...

So since I can't buy any furniture until we get through the moving costs and do the necessary renovations (and pay our tax bill and repair our savings account), I'm spending my time obsessing over the floor plan and where and how I'll place our current furniture. I have charts and diagrams but still no real plan. We're moving to a place with roughly the same square feet, but fewer rooms and very different dimensions. Quandaries abound.

The one thing I have purchased for the house? Pool toys! I feel confident and qualified in my selections there. Slightly less confident in the bikini I currently have sitting in my online shopping cart, but we'll see.


  1. Good luck, Lag Liv! You should check out one of my favorite apps (iPad and iPhone compatible)...Houzz

    1. Ooh, I didn't realize it was an app! Some of the pictures I've "pinned" as inspiration for my future rooms were from that site. I'm going to get it now!

  2. Did you see the 60 Minutes piece tonight? If I remember correctly, you were thinking about this kindergarten decision.

  3. Here's another one:

  4. thanks to "won" for posting the link to the 60 minutes piece!

  5. Buy the bikini...size two with your'll kill it! Good luck with your move!