Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Eggs

Today, after three years of membership and two failed attempts, we finally made it to our church's Easter Festival in time for the egg hunt. In fact, we arrived 45 minutes early. Luckily, Landon is a preternaturally patient 3-year-old.

With the extra time, I attempted a picture. Neither child was interested in looking at the camera, but I kind of love how the imperfect result captures the way the two of them interract.

Landon wanted Claire to get eggs with him, and even tried to coach her on egg finding basics, but she decided she'd rather chew on the eggs after he found them for her.

It was a good plan, though in spite of being the first kid in the field, Landon only came back with four eggs. He wanted orange ones and then he wanted to open each egg before picking up another. The other children were less picky and simply grabbed everything in sight. It was all over in 60 seconds.

Landon seemed please with his booty and shared all four eggs his with his sister. He also gave her the plastic cross he found inside one egg- I think it really adds something to her outfit.

More fun was had:

And then it was time to go home for Claire's nap, Landon's lunch, JP's swim lesson, and my work. I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow- Landon is so excited about the Easter Bunny. He's a little concerned the bunny might hop in to his room, so he told me to make sure his door is closed really tight. We've baked two kinds of cookie and one type of muffin and plan to meet a law school friend of mine who just happens to be visiting Austin for dinner later today.

Every time I write one of these recap type posts- posts I can't imagine many people find interesting, but which I must write because they give me a record of these days that go by so quickly and which prove to me months later that we did more with our free time than go to the grocery store, put away groceries, and clean up after making use of the groceries-- every time I write one of these, I always find myself wanting to end with "Life is good". Because really, when I look at the overall- the simple fun that makes up our every days, it is exactly that. I think that's why I find blogging so restorative, even if I frequently have to do it at the expense of sleep. It reminds me that in and among all the small stresses (my job, my loans, my in-laws), and even the big ones (JP's job, JP's job x 1000), the day-to-day is truly good. And when the stresses are keeping me up at night, blogging the mundane before bed keeps this at the forefront of my mind: We are happy, healthy, and whole. We are blessed. Life is good.

Happy Easter/Passover/weekend to everyone!


  1. Looks like a wonderful Easter! FWIW, I love these "snippets of life" kinds of posts.

  2. Happy Passover to you LT! (Do you say Happy Passover- I googled it, but my results were inconclusive.)

  3. :) Very nice!Your blogg is very interesting congratulations!