Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Illustrated

Easter! It happened! Three days ago actually. Work has been kind of insane, in part because I didn't do any work over Easter weekend, making the weekend that much more awesome and my Monday and Tuesday that much more intense. At 11:00 yesterday I realized I'd been at work for 3 hours but hadn't sat in my desk chair for more than 5 minutes. And of course I picked yesterday to wear my favorite platinum 3.5" heels, even though I normally stick with 3 inches for work shoes. My feet were annoyed, but not quite angry. Calvin Klein makes a comfy pair of pumps (which are even comfier when bought on clearance).

But Easter! It was low key and lots of fun and my goodness I love days that I can laze about and soak up my children. The pictures tell the story:

Good morning!

The Biscuit always wakes up happy.

My BatKids, ready to come downstairs to find their Easter goodies.

(The matching pj's were an early Easter present, and Landon was SO excited about them.)

Clairebear found her basket first. Mostly because she's brilliant, but also possibly because it was "hidden" in front of the wall of the play room, about 3 feet from the foot of the stairs.

After a brief survey of the basket, Claire went hunting for eggs.

And found two that matched her pj's perfectly.

I was so proud.

After assisting his sister, Landon found his basket behind the laundry room door.

He was most excited about the $1 Transformers book and $3 jelly bean bunny toy; both have traveled to daycare each day and he has curled his little body around them each night before falling asleep.

Claire escaped a second attempt to get a sibling shot with both kids looking at me and crawled off to find more eggs.

Then, very suddenly, it was time for church!

I bought this dress in March of last year. I was buying Landon a shirt at Children's Place and for the first time, wandered over to the girls' section of the store. I saw this adorable little blue and yellow Swedish dress (in my family anything with blue and yellow in it is automatically dubbed "Swedish") and knew my daughter needed it, even if she wasn't due for another 3 months and wouldn't wear it for another 10 months after that. I just love it.

3/4 family shot, with squinting and "we're going to be late for church" stress

My favorite; her loves her with all of his 3-year-old little boy heart.

We decided at the last minute to travel to San Antonio to eat Easter brunch with my four grandparents at their army retirement community. JP got sick on Saturday night, so it worked out perfectly that my sister drove over with us and JP go to spend 5 quiet hours sleeping in a sudafed-induced haze- a feat that would be impossible on any regular Sunday. My brother also joined us, so we got a grandkid, great-grandkid picture to send my parents:

After a tasty brunch and visit to my Navy grandpa's new vegetable garden that he lovingly tends to every morning, we headed home with two kids who slept the whole way up I-35.

It was a great day. Relaxed and fun, complete with family, pretty dresses, and a 100% increase in my Transformer knowledge. Sitting here at my desk surrounded by too much to do, it all seems very far away...


  1. isn't it funny how we spend much more money on quality, educational toys, and the little ones always gravitate towards the little dollar store trinkets? my daughter got a plain white uninflated balloon in a goody bag from one of her friends at school who celebrated a birthday. I blew it up, and she carried that balloon from room-to-room with her, played with it for hours, and asked to sleep with it (um, no). She loved it immensely until it deflated. :(

  2. Love the cat in the Easter basket.

  3. Haha yes, I loved that too! Lilly loves a good basket :) (or shoe box, or shopping bag, or suitcase...)

  4. What an adorable dress! And the kids, always always adorable.

  5. Claire looks so like Landon in that first shot!