Thursday, June 24, 2010


Landon helped me set up his old play gym for babyclaire* yesterday.

(*Whenever someone asks him for the name of his little sister he always says "baby claire" like it's one word. It cracks us up.)

He was super excited for babyclaire to have a new toy and was quite disappointed when she wouldn't wake up to play with it last night. She sleeps like a rock, a rock that only wakes her parents up once at night with a polite little squawk from her co-sleeper.

So when Landon bounced into our room this morning, the first thing he did was run over to the co-sleeper to see if babyclaire was awake and ready to play. She was, though of course, she needed her big brother's help to figure out the intricacies of the play gym. He was happy to show her the ropes.

Landon loves her so much. He likes to play near her and if JP or I leave the room for any reason, he is always right next to her, shouting out alerts if she moves an arm, opens her eyes, or does anything else of interest. At night he has to give her a hug and a kiss before bed and she is the first person he wants to see when he gets home from daycare. He tells her he loves her and mimics my little endearments to her in a way that makes JP and I smile every time.

And while it's hard to say for sure yet, I'm pretty sure Claire adores him too.


  1. OMG I heart this post so much. Reminds me a bit of my big brother who for whatever reason named me Fifi when I was born. At least babyclaire is somewhat relevant! Landon and Claire are so lucky to have each other.

  2. They are so adorable together. You'll have to remind them how much they loved eachother when they are teenagers.

    So glad you guys have an "easy" baby this time around.

  3. I really enjoy reading your blog, but don't comment enough. It is so adorable how Landon is with his "babyclaire"... so cute!! Glad you are capturing - and enjoying - all the moments!

  4. Stop! You are making me want another baby! :)

  5. Landon sounds like pure joy to be around these days

  6. I have a similar photo of my second-born on the playmat with a load of 'stuff' that her big sister brought for her enjoyment...framed photos, drink coasters, etc.

  7. My nephew calls his littlest sister "Hannahlee" (Hannah Leigh is her name) all one word. It cracks me right up, every time.

    And I took to calling my daughter by both her names (Lucy Claire) so much that that's how she introduces herself "Wee-cee Taire!" I have a feeling that she's just going to be a two-name kinda girl.

    I'm so glad Landon and Claire are getting along well.