Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 7

I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I've been very busy. You see my mom and I watched all 12 DVD'd episodes of Glee in 2 days and then immediately watched the finale. It was awesome. I now understand why all my co-workers have been bugging me to watch that show. Then we had to watch my DVR'd episodes of the new season of So You Think You Can Dance. Claire slept through all of this (see Exhibit 1), but I feel certain that being surrounded by all of this dancing and singing is going to make her very musical one day.

Exhibit 1

I was first introduced to SYTYCD when my mom visited after Landon was born. We watched an entire season on MTV 2 and I've loved it ever since. I feel sure the hours (and hours) of dance and music worked its way into Landon's subconscious. He loves dancing and his daycare teachers said he's the only toddler who follows every instruction in their music class. Apparently he stands about 3 feet in front of their music teacher and his gaze never wanders from Mr. Doug's guitar and hand movements. So hopefully Claire will reap the same benefits from all of her mom's time spent in front of the TV during her first week of life.

And speaking of Claire, she continues to be the perfect baby. The kind of baby I used to hear about when Landon was little and feel burning resentment towards their parents. Not that I wanted any baby to suffer with reflux or colic, but damn, it was hard to hear how much other babies (and their parents!) were sleeping.

Burrito Baby

So because we suffered with Landon I feel like I've earned the right to say that my 6-day old baby slept for 6.5 hours last night!! She had a pediatric appointment yesterday and I asked if it was okay that she was going so long and the doctor said that as long as she was eating every 3 hours during the day (which she does) and was maintaining her weight (which, after a weight check today, I'm proud to say that she is- mommy and baby both got gold stars after she gained 2 ounces in 24 hours, even with her long night's sleep), then it was fine and we should just enjoy it. And I am, except that I still wake up after about 3 hours and freak out that she's not awake and maybe isn't breathing that I sit up way too fast (ouch) and reach out to jostle her in her co-sleeper because I can't even wait the one second to see if her chest is moving. I'm hoping I learn to trust in her health and lungs soon because I could be less tired than I am.

Snuggled with her Tia

She is so snuggly and sweet and delightful. She is still a nursing champ. I remain deeply ambivalent about breastfeeding, but Claire is so good at it and it's been so easy for us, we're sticking with it for now. JP has been feeding her a bottle with formula for the middle of the night feeding and that has worked out great. She takes it just fine, JP loves doing it, and I think the extra, uninterrupted sleep has help me recover- I'm actually feeling really good! I'm still a little poofy in my midsection and I'm really looking forward to that going down because I can't wear any of my bottoms, including my maternity ones. But I'm off all the drugs except for the occasional ibuprofen, I can stand up and sit down without pain, I walk around easily, and my incision hasn't bothered me at all. I took an exciting field trip to Target two days ago and this afternoon JP and I are heading out to pick out a glider for the living room.

Landon continues to be the proudest big brother. He hasn't shown any jealousy, he's just excited she's here and wants to "pet" her and hold her whenever he can. My sister and her boyfriend came over for dinner last night and before anything else, he wanted to show them his baby Claire. It just fills my heart to watch him with her.

I'm working on Claire's birth story and now that Glee is over I may actually finish it. I can't believe it was only 7 days ago! It seems like she's filled a spot that was always waiting for her- we were whole before, but somehow we're even more complete now.


  1. You are a lucky mama to have such a content newborn! Ours were opposite. #2 was the crazy one. Glad everything is going so well! She's adorable.

  2. I love that you're updating so soon! Give you and JP some credit for Claire's remarkable sleeping have to be a little more relaxed as 2nd time parents (even though you're waiting for something "abnormal" to happen)....I really hope this time around goes as smoothly as you deserve. Please take it easy on the outings may feel great, but you're only 7 days out and still 'delicate.' lol...yeah as if a mom has the opportunity to take it easy! Enjoy these precious moments with that little pink bundle.

  3. Thanks Desimon! I will add that my trip to Target was very slow and controlled and I used the cart like a walker :) I wanted to buy another sleeper for Claire and couldn't trust the selection of something so cute to anyone else ;) I hope that you are doing well!

  4. She is absolutely beautiful and reminds me sooo much of my little girl as an infant. It's making me long for another one... If only the stork actually DID drop them off. Not sure how long you've been off of the serious painkillers, but we found that our little girl was a fantastic sleeper in the first week - but when I got totally got off the Percocet, her sleep suddenly wasn't quite as good.

  5. Exactly the kind of newborn experience everyone out in the blawgosphere has been hoping you would have with her! So great :)

    And Glee is one of those shows that it's so easy to get addicted to, I love it!

  6. GLEE!!!!!!

    Makes me unreasonably happy.

    Also, yay Claire.

  7. You guys definitely deserve that good SLEEPY baby! Enjoy your snuggly little Claire burrito!

  8. That's wonderful how generous of heart Landon is. (What a doll!)

    I also love how you say your family is somehow more complete now. Great way to put it. I am SO happy you are getting the second infant experience you so very much deserve.

    Happy happy happy for you! :)

  9. I am so, so , so happy you are having this kind of restful time. You guys deserve it in spades!

  10. So glad to hear that it's going well for you! My first was a sleeper, and it's a godsend. The second, not so much. I sympathize with the c-section belly. It's a beast all of it's own. My best advice would be to get some of the cheapy (i.e. Walmart/Target) cotton/jersey sundresses. I refused to put my maternity clothes back on so I've been living in sundresses since Sydney was born. Covers the pooch and is comfy too.

    Enjoy the happy baby (and the DVR!)

  11. Those pictures are absolutely adorable!
    They're enough to make me come this close (fingers held a mere fraction of inches apart) to wanting another little bundle of my own. Although fortunately saner heads prevail. :D

    She really is a sweetie though. So glad you're getting such a wonderful second baby experience. Here's to hoping it lasts!