Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things I Don't Like

I woke up with a splitting headache and an inability to focus on my work (due in no small part to listening to clips of children's songs on Amazon while investigating all of your wonderful suggestions). And because of this throbbing, pulsing, all consuming pain in my head, I can't write anything positive or thoughtful, so here's a brief list of things I don't like:

  1. black ink pens
  2. gel pens, all colors
  3. cliquey people
  4. mushrooms, shrimp, all peppers, and anything remotely spicy
  5. the fact that I dislike everything in #4
  6. people who drive slow in a fast car (really, all slow drivers, but nothing irritates me quicker than someone in an M3 driving 10 miles under the speed limit)
  7. the squishy part of my stomach
  8. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, "Dr." Laura, Bill O'Reilly, etc.
  9. the Bella character in Twilight
  10. coffee (sigh)
  11. fruit that has been cooked, dried, or mixed with chocolate (except chocolate covered strawberries, and occasionally a cooked, spiced apple)
  12. nuts in anything (nuts alone are fine)
  13. JP's need to "soak" all pans before washing them. This has quite literally made my head explode with efforts to understand WHY a pot used to BOIL NOODLES needs to soak in a soapy lather for an hour (and no, it's not to get out of doing the dishes, as he will go finish the job without reminder in an hour or two, but still- WHY?!)
  14. high anxiety parents (this could be a whole post unto itself, but probably won't be because it would be mean and I try to keep this blog more about me than others)
  15. headaches

So apparently I have a lot of food issues, and to think I was the "best eater" out of the three of us growing up. I also have a lot of emotion directed toward office supplies, people's driving habits, and flat, horrible 2-dimensional characters in books far more popular than they deserve to be. And dish washing practices. I believe #13 is the reason I woke up with #15 this morning.

Alright, I feel somehow cleansed of irritation I didn't know I had built up. I swear that I'm generally a pretty low stress person who laughs far, far more than she yells. I'm just going to get back to my work, blue non-gel pen in hand, and focus on being grateful that the only thing JP does that irritates me involves him doing the dishes at all.


  1. I can't tell you how many times my head has exploded as I yelled "It is NOT a soaker! We have teflon pans! There are NO SOAKERS!" What is with that?

  2. I completely agree about the soaking of the pans. Seriously. I think my husband just hopes that passes as him doing the dishes and knows that later I will end up finishing the job myself. This also goes for him rinsing the dishes but not following through with actually placing them in the dishwasher next to the sink. I also agree on the people that drive slow in fast cars, Bella and the nut and cooked fruit thing. Everything else though I am pretty OK with. Some of those I actually love like peppers and conservative talk show guys like Rush and Glen Beck. But to each his own...Hope your headache gets better soon.

  3. This cracked me up! I have the same problem with hubby. And my biggest pet peeves is that he constantly runs the dishwasher. While he's a brilliant man, he loads the dishwasher like a FOOL. None of the plates are put in correctly, hence, he generally runs the dishwasher when it's not even full. I asked him "baby, don't you know how to play tetris??? make it fit!!!."

  4. You're an odd but interesting bird. What's not to like about black pens? So crisp.

    Have you had really good Thai food? didnt you go to Arun's one with JP? that should help you with your spice aversion.

  5. I hope your headache abates soon!

    Also, the idea of listing the stuff you hate? Is brilliant. I am totally stealing it.

  6. Were we supposed to laugh? I hope so because DUDE, Pan Soakers Unite!! And proud of it. And I am the only doing dishes in our house. Actually, I prefer to be the only dishwasher in our house because my husband invariably does it all wrong anyway. Heh.

  7. Neither of us are pan soakers unless we decide to put the dishes off until tomorrow BUT my husband and I have gotten into so many fights over how to or how not to do the dishes! we dont have a dishwasher, it's a major issue in our house!

  8. what what your a texan and your're anti-spicy foods?!

  9. Haha! I only soak pans if there is something stuck to them. Otherwise, I don't. Luckily DH and I are on the same page there.

    I hate Bella too! Loathe her, actually. And Edward too. I totally don't get the Twilight obsession (and I read the whole series!)

    I totally agree on slow drivers and the slow drivers in fast cars.

    And I hate all the TV shows and personalities you do. Did you mention Dr. Phil? I loathe him too.

  10. Oh, I'm SO with you on Dr. Laura. She just irritates me to no end. But you know who I love? Dr. Drew. I want to marry him. Except we're both already married and other little complications like that...

  11. 1) For awhile, I only wrote with blue Bic pens.

    6) Never move to Denver. You will honk all day (like I do).

    11) Do you like fruit pies?

  12. I am soooooo with you on high anxiety parents. My parents make me want to throw up just being in the same room! And how on earth did you grow up in Texas and not learn to love shrimp and peppers? Crazy!

    Oh, and nuts in things? I thought I was the only one! People always think I am crazy. Nuts alone are no problem but I hate nuts in things!

  13. funny you mention Bella as i just watched Twilight on DVD last night. god awful movie but i cant help it.

  14. Anything but black!! I agree with the black pen thing (among others). Since pretty much everything is printed in black, black pens don't stick out enough on whatever I'm writing on. I want to be able to focus right in on whatever comments have been made.

  15. Anne, that is exactly it! I don't like that black ink looks like all the print I'm always having to stare at, and there isn't enough contrast if I'm marking on something already printed.

    To those concerned about my spice aversion, trust me, I've tried to overcome it and I just can't. I'm a total wimp when it comes to hot foods- I can't even eat the free salsa on the table at mexican places, ever, and I hate that it closes off so many food options! Luckily, most restaurants, especially thai and chinese places can adjust spice levels for you, so I still have wonderful, flavorful meals. (And to Anon, yes, I have been to Arun's, it was amazing and they adjusted each dish for me.)

    JP loves spicey food and keeps an array of 5-6 different hot sauces to add to just about everything I make. If he's not sweating by the end of the meal, it just wasn't the eating experience it could have been. Like the pot soaking thing, I don't get this at all, but I'm glad spice level is easily adjusted.

  16. I hate slow drivers in the fast lane, regardless of the car they're driving. Gel pens suck because they have random streaks where they refuse to write and then the writing looks all blotchy and uneven.
    And the dishes... you're lucky that's the worst thing that drives you crazy. I'm SOOOOO OCD about how the dishes are done I actually don't let anyone else do them. I've gotten mad at friends who try to be nice and wash dishes at dinner parties because they do it wrong, whether it's because they use the wrong sponge, don't pre-rinse them well enough, use the pre-rinsing scrubber to wash them, use the wrong towel to dry them... Ya, I'm THAT crazy.

    I like the posts where we get a glimpse into the idiosyncrasies of LL...

  17. Nothing torques me off more than being stuck behind a s l o w driver who's in a car with "turbo" clearly written next to the auto logo.