Sunday, January 4, 2009

Redecorating, more fun that doc review

Yesterday I reviewed documents while drinking lemonade under the hot sun in shorts and a tank top. Today I review documents indoors while sipping hot tea wearing sweat pants and fluffy sweat shirt. Our winter weather has commitment issues.

On the home decorating front things are coming along quite well. We completed the second coat of "Fragrant Cloves" (dark coppery orange) on the back wall of the study late last night (the other three walls will remain their original "Heavy Cream") and did the first coat of "Dark Granite" (very dark brown) on the trim around the double doors and closet door this morning. The window sill and most of the rest of the trim was finished yesterday, so all we have left is the 2nd coat around the doors and the line of trim under the newly orange wall (we need to let that paint get really dry before we tape it). We have six tall, dark wood bookcases (courtesy of Ikea) ready to be secured to the walls, a must with our little monkey -- ooh quick funny story about a near brush with death at Lowe's: Landon has become obsessed with climbing ladders, I suppose it's because he climbs up his play scape outside- we don't even own a ladder, and Lowe's has very tall ladders all over the aisles of the store. Last weekend while I was scrutinizing a bookcase's potential as toy storage in the play room, I looked away from Landon at the exact same time JP looked away from Landon. Three seconds later we both asked each other where he was, turned to look down the aisle, and saw him on the 5th step of a giant ladder. I might have yelled something, but mostly I remember sprinting down the aisle in high heels (why heels at Lowe's? because they matched my outfit perfectly and had to be worn, despite JP's warning they might bar my entrance to a home improvement store), climbing up the ladder (he was too high up to reach from the floor), and plucking a very focused toddler off the next step. He instantly became furious and started throwing his body around, so I had to climb down the ladder in the heels with a writhing toddler held above my head. Luckily JP was there an instant later and helped us both down to the concrete floor. The worst part about this story is that it happened about three more times during our 10 minute trip, though he never again got nearly as high up. We're going to have to put a leash on that kid.

Anyway, the study. The painting should be done Tuesday, the bookcases will be installed Wednesday along with the new desk (it's same dark wood color), and JP is assembling the dark wood filing cabinets I found today at Target. All that is missing is a curtain (need to find a fabric that involves all the colors and adds a few shades) and big dark brown leather chair. The chair will be a long time coming as it's not near the top of my furniture wish list, but someday it's going to look quite fantastic in the corner against the heavy cream walls. We're also working on adding some toy storage to the play room. Since it's not going to be a dining room for the next decade, and it's one of the first rooms people see in the house, I figure I can at least make it look like a real play room and not an empty room we threw a bunch of toys in. Plus, I think getting Landon's toys onto shelves will help him find "new" toys more often. After that is the master bedroom, but that'll probably wait until this summer. For one, we have no money left. And two, after painting one wall in the study, the huge and very high walls of our bedroom are looking quite intimidating- although I'm sure I can create a party around it!

Alright, back to reviewing. I have to work with my back to the living room because seeing the stacks of books and binders and random crap that used to live on the study floors is driving me crazy. My goal is to have the whole room assembled and presentable by Friday- not only because this level of clutter will soon haunt my dreams, but because we can't have another weekend with Landon home and this much stuff all over the floors. By yesterday evening he was wandering between the stacks, shaking his head and muttering "No, no, no" to all of them. At least he appears to be listening.


  1. I'm glad to read that you are anchoring the bookcases--if you haven't already, don't forget to anchor Landon's dresser, too. Dressers tip very easily once the drawers are pulled out and a little one starts to climb up.

    I was the babyproofing queen--people hated coming to my house because everything was locked down when the kids were little. But I was paranoid with my first, and it was an absolute necessity with my twins. Fortunately, we have a fabulous resource here that had every babyproofing supply imagineable, and who warned against the ones that are widely available but can cause more harm than good(like outlet plugs, which are just the right size to swallow!)

    Ok, sorry for my mommy lecture moment! I hope you are survivng doc review (blech!)

  2. We did the same thing with our dining rooms for several years. In the winter we even moved the smallish Little Tykes play stuff in there. I think our dining rooms were used a heck of lot more than most people's!
    P.S. This weather is driving me insane!

  3. I saw a great babyproof device yesterday at the hardware store.

    It was an extension plug-board(you know - plug 14 plugs into the board.

    Each plug had the plastic part you put the prongs into made a bit like a talcum powder container - the kind you twist to let the powder out, and twist back to cover up the prongs.

    It was springloaded, so that if you didn't have a plug in the socket, then the holes are covered.

    Re the outlet plug covers - the USA has small plugs - in Europe, Australia and NZ they're bigger, and not able to be swallowed!

  4. oops, that should be plug the lead from the board into o the socket, and the board allows you to plug 4 plugs into the board. Not 14. Unless it was a huge board, and likely to be overloaded!

  5. Do we get to see a picture of the perfect shoes? :) (You may quite possibly be the first person to ever wear heels into a Lowes - and probably the first to ever climb one of those stocking ladders in heels!)

    Please let me know how the anchoring goes. I have a china cabinet in Eden's room, and it makes me nervous - we have got to get that anchored to the wall.

  6. I can't tell you how many times i've worn heels to a hardware/home improvement store and it drives my husband mad due to the annoying noise of a heel against the concrete slab floor and employees checking me out, i really need to stop doing that.

    the study room sounds gorgeous i hope you post pictures!