Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oohs and Ows

This morning I was delighted to rediscover one of my favorite pairs of shoes. Most of my heels are displayed in over-the-door racks I've nailed to the closet wall, but those I wear less often (i.e. anything with satin, rhinestones, or heels higher than 3.5") are kept in boxes back in JP's corner. And this morning, while trying to find an empty box for Landon to play with while I got ready, I stumbled upon these at the bottom of the stack:

So cute, no?! I bought them in 2003 but they're a bit much to be interview shoes and too delicate to wear on the icy streets of Chicago so I completely forgot about them. I decided they were just the thing to add some interest to my black pants and simple sweater and surely I could handle the skinny heel for a day?

And I could, but do you see those thin little straps that wrap around your ankle? Yeah, OUCH. They slide around as you walk and apparently I'm not used to having straps in that precise location because damn, they hurt- by my tenth trip up to the 4th floor to talk to the partner on this case I thought there was going to be permanent scarring.

But I love them still. I'll wear them again, just in shorter intervals to toughen up my feet. JP, if he ever read this blog, would find that last sentence insane, but he just doesn't understand the depth of my relationship with my shoes. Just wearing a favorite pair on a bad day will make me smile every time I glance down at my feet. I don't look much at other men, but a great pair of heels will totally make me turn my head as I go by.


  1. Those would be perfect for this feature I'm running on my blog called shoe friday! Take a look and feel free to send me a picture.

  2. They make strap thingys to make the straps not form blisters...the ones I bought are Love My Straps, but I think Dr. Scholls or Kiwi have them too...

    Here's the link...

    p.s. Adorable shoes! :)

  3. I'm right there with ya. It is totally form before function when it comes to shoes.

  4. I get a little crazy every time I have to dress professionally and wear heels even though I know I'll be traipsing all over a college campus all day. Once I had to call a friend and beg her to bring me some sneakers because I was in agony. But I looked so professional!

    Love those shoes by the way. Worth it!

  5. I'm so lazy about footwear. I can appreciate a good pair of shoes on somebody else. I just loathe having my feet hurt.

    Plus I worked with this woman who had deformed feet thanks to too many years of stilettos? *shudder* She had to have foot surgery. Obviously, that only happens if you wear stilettos A LOT ... but I just can't stand to be uncomfortable. Even if they're gorgeous.

  6. I'm a wimp when it comes to uncomfortable clothing. If a shoe hurts too much to bear or if a sweater itches too much, I will stare at it, consider wearing it, but ultimately reject it. However, today, the sidewalks are covered in thick ice and I'm wearing a (comfy) pair of heels - I'd rather risk breaking my neck than wear ugly snow boots.

  7. I LOVE SHOES! especially cute ones- and those are so adorable! how much do i love cute shoes? I wear very uncomfortable heels even when i have to walk one mile down hill in seattle

  8. I love them, they're really cute shoes! I myself have a couple of heels which I love but aren't very practical/professional for work or interviews. I have to wear them only if I'm going out and they happen to match the outfit.

    (Found your blog through Google reader, first time commenter.)