Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yay America

I am drowning in work. There are incorporation documents all over my desk, unnecessarily complicated stock redemption and conversion provisions have given me a splitting headache, and sometime yesterday I reached the unfortunate conclusion that I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. To top it off, the senior associate I'm working for had two closings today so he has not been available to answer my myriad of questions. I'm an excellent swimmer but I am barely treading water right now.

But you know what? I don't care today. I can't stop clicking on CNN and MSNBC and www.fivethirtyeight.com and a million other political blogs and sites. You'd think being busy would serve as a perfect distraction until results start rolling in, but I've found I can't focus until those results are announced. I'm excited, nervous, and feeling almost overwhelmingly proud of being an American. It's not just that I'm excited about my candidate, I'm practically giddy over how many people are voting. The stories of people getting in line before dawn to cast their vote keep bringing me to tears (I am seriously not that emotional of a person, I don't know what it is about the electoral process that does this to me. This story, courtesy of Citations, did not help). Turnout looks like it will finally be what it should be- quotes like this are just so fantastic: "Secretaries of state predicted turnouts approaching 90 percent in Virginia and Colorado and 80 percent or more in big states like Ohio, California, Texas, Missouri and Maryland."

So whether you're GObama or NObama, yay to all of you who voted. Yay for waiting in line, yay for being informed, yay for exercising your right even in states where your electoral votes are pretty much locked up for the other side. Yay for this election being over and a new chapter in American history beginning next year. I'm off to a big election/birthday party tonight for one of my closest friends- we'll hopefully be toasting to our candidate's victory, but regardless we'll be celebrating the fact that so many people turned out to vote. And hopefully the news will stop showing pictures of people waiting in line because my eye makeup is not going to stand for much more of my continual eye watering.

Time to put on my political party hat - Hooray America!


  1. We're watching Grand Park in Chicago on CNN International - do you wish you were there!

    Although I see Texas - Texas! - is 51/49 at the moment - the prospect of it being possible for Obama to win in George Bush-land is amazing.

  2. :-D

    Even a cynical, disenchanted-with-our-political-system voter like myself has been positively gleaful all day!

  3. Um ... that was gleeful, woops!

  4. ...our man is almost there!!!...gObama!!!...


  5. WE DID IT!!!!

    (that's about as articulate as I'm going to get on the amount of sleep I got last night, but damn, I am just so happy & so proud of my country right now!!)

  6. celebrate we did! i'm so glad you were there to share the historical evening with!