Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Night and Day

Today at work I wore a black and white patterned pencil skirt with a black tucked in button down. I paired that with red peep-toe heels, a wide red bracelet, and a short black, white, and silver double-strand pearl necklace. I clicked my high heels up and down the hall, busy, borderline competent, and generally having a good day. I'm working on the second drafts of all the charter documents I struggled through last week and so far the feedback has been pretty good.

So that's me as a lawyer.

Tonight at home I found myself walking around the upstairs in a long sleeved t-shirt paired with fresh vomit, old work out shorts, a messy bun, and thick framed glasses. I was holding a Landon who had just recently woken himself up by throwing up thick, white, sticky puke all over his hair, ears, face, pj's, bed, wall, and floor. He was clinging on to me for dear life, trying very hard to calm down after his impromptu second bath. And as I walked the hallway singing his favorite songs, slowly, finally feeling him relax, I thought that the lawyer-me probably wouldn't recognize the mommy-me right now. My colleagues certainly wouldn't. Isn't it funny how you can have versions of yourself that seem so different on the outside but are both still 100% you on the inside?

And as a side note, I wouldn't say I enjoyed roaming the halls with a curdled-milk pukey smelling baby, but there's something so absolutely wonderful and almost gratifying about the way your child melts into you when he doesn't feel good. That complete trust and surrender to mommy (and daddy) to make things better is probably the greatest and most terrifying part of being a parent.


  1. Sometimes I'm the only one who can calm Jacob down- while that's a pain in the butt, it also makes me feel so special and loved. I totally know what you mean about having sick/hurt babies melt into you- it's the best ever!

    You sound really hot as a lawyer! I love the outfit you describe. While I am not working now I have days where I take a shower and put on designer jeans and heels to go grocery shopping and other days I'm flauntinh second day hair and nasty dirty sweats. The best part of dressing up is being able to come home and dress down again!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the different personas. Sometimes, I find that the hardest part of the day is when I have to blend the two (work mommy talking to child care provider on the phone, etc). And yes, I have different clothes for my different "me"s!
    Hope the L. feels better, soon.

  3. ah yes! I have so many "me's" that are all fitting at different times.

    I hope Landon is feeling better!!

    And I can just see you clicking your heels down the halls of work. It was a great Legally Blonde moment for me to picture. :-)

  4. I just had a long conversation with my advisor WHILE feeding Wesley (advisor was on the phone) and just after changing a poo diaper and putting Charlie down for a nap. I wish there were two versions of me sometimes!

    And yes, I don't like it when Charlie hurts himself, but I do like what we call the "sack of potatoes", when they just drape themselves over your shoulder as they cry. So sweet.

  5. Hey, at least you didn't get covered in throw-up just as you were dropping Landon off at daycare. Imagine that happening and not having time to go home a change. Eek!!! It sounds like you're fulfilling both roles rather well! :- )

    And I agree with Cee, I love the outfit you described!

  6. Yuck! Kiddie puke is definitely Nurse territory in our house. Hope the little guy feels better! :(

    At least you manage to be well put together during the day. I'm doing good if I brushed my hair!

  7. Ah, those moments after a long, hard day at work, when baby snuggles into that spot between your shoulder and neck and you are SO DANG TIRED but everything is right in the world again because he smells like him and you love him so.


  8. Curdled milk barf is totally hawt. Especially when it's Pediasure barf. Especially when it's all over the carseat ... not like I'd know or anything. *ahem*

  9. Ewwwwwwwww! Sticky baby puke!! How DO you do it??