Sunday, November 2, 2008

Economic Stimulus

This weekend the Lag Liv house did its part to boost the Austin economy- not that the Austin economy seems to need much of a boost.

On Saturday morning JP and Landon had some big man/little man bonding time while I headed to a seamstress to finally get all my pants altered (I brought her ten pairs, turns out I actually do have a lot of pants in my closet, it was just that none of them fit) and did a little winter work clothes shopping at my favorite discount stores. I had great success at Ross. I don't think every state has these little gems, and I have no idea how they get their merchandise, but there is no better store for bargains. Sometimes you walk in and its all crap, other times you can strike gold. On this trip I found a dress for my law firm's "prom" in November- an absolutely gorgeous Nicole Miller-like dark fuchsia ruched satin dress that fits me perfectly, as long as I don't attempt to breathe, with original tags for $228 and a Ross price of $39.99, a beautiful purple dress for future wedding-type events for $40, and two black Calvin Klein dresses for work that quite possibly fit better than any dress has fit me before at over $250 off the original price. I felt extravagant spending that much money, but I knew I'd kick myself for leaving something that perfect and marked down on the racks. I wear a lot of black and have a lot of different shoes and accessories to play with, so I'm certain the investment will pay off (unlike our stocks right now). I also picked up a few things at Marshall's and didn't even look at the shoe section! It was a productive day.

This morning we went to church and then embarked on our first visit to Costco EVER. We went with a good friend of mine (she's a 5th year at the firm and lives near us) and her husband and nearly two-year-old son, all of whom are obsessed with Costco and their pizza. We kicked off the trip by eating several slices of the fabled pizza and then roamed the aisles looking bargains. Although, as I explained to JP, it's not a bargain if it's something you wouldn't normally buy. Here is our conversation in the refrigeration section:

JP: Look I found two-packs of big Naked Juices for only $7- I got two!
Me: That's $14 on green juice!
JP: But it's way less than at the grocery store.
Me: But we don't buy it at the grocery store.
JP: But we would if it only cost $14.
Me: No we wouldn't. This is how these stores make money- they make you think you're saving a bunch but really you're just buying things you normally don't get because they're too expensive!
JP: You are sucking the joy out of my first Costco experience.

He ended up with one two-pack of Green Machine and I ended up with pretty new glasses for the kitchen. Landon made off with a new Sandra Boynton board book - and oh my goodness, Landon-- I don't know whose toddler was in our cart but he was the most happy, pleasant, perfect toddler who has ever been in a Costco. We were shopping well into his nap, trying to push it back for daylight savings time, which I used to love but now hate, and he was so smiley and clappy and just absolutely delighted to be alive and sitting in a shopping cart. The last time I tried to take him shopping I had to abandon my cart in the middle of Walmart because he was screaming and I will not be That Parent. I didn't want to go home and break the magical spell- I must have said "he's just being so... pleasant!" a dozen times. People around me probably thought he was usually a monster and he's not by any means, it's just that this baby, whoever he was, was unreal.

We got home, unloaded the back of our car (we may have picked up a few other items while we were basking in Landon's idyllic behavior), and stuck him in bed. He slept for THREE hours and then continued on his happy, perfect day. We went to the park, where I continued my quest to cross the monkey bars (how were those so easy when I was little? they're so hard now!) and otherwise make use of my outdoor gym since I will apparently never again make it to a real one. Landon loved the slide and the feel of the wind in his face as he flew down it.

Man I love that kid. And Costco.


  1. Many states away, we also went to Costco for the first time today!

    The Husband oogled at the televisions while I walked around to see if a membership would benefit our family. Since a friend offered up a spare freezer for our garage this afternoon, it looks like we're joining the Costco-mania.

  2. Costco shopping requires a list and a limit for not list items for sure! My husband is not allowed to go very often because he loves the DVD and book area too much. But, we get 95% of our groceries there, and very little of it goes to waste these days.

  3. Costco is the most exciting place to shop! My brothers buy that green machine all the time. We buy the enormous things of EVOO and produce there, and we are picking up diaper wipes there soon. Also, their muffins and sheetcakes are fabulous, but soooo dangerous. Their produce is great, you know, for that time that you need 8 cartons of raspberries.

  4. Ah, Costco. I thought you might enjoy this post about my costco experience recently:

  5. I love it when they surprise you and act like little angels! The same thing happened to me the other day and I didn't want to leave the store either!

  6. Green Machine is so yummy! My husband calls it green sludge, but admits that it tastes pretty good and you would never guess half of the ingredients that are in it by taste!

  7. We have a 10 month-old who LOVES BJs (a Costco/Sam's Club equivalent). It's seriously her most favorite place to go. Not sure what the draw these warehouse-type stores have for the toddler crowd, but I think we're on to something. Who needs Gymboree? Costco memberships are way cheaper... Oh, and baby clothes are always a good deal. Ditto on diapers.

  8. Andy loves the Green Machine...I can't get past the color. I'm into Berry Blast or Strawberry Banana...they are crazy expensive at the gro...I'll have to check out Costco!