Tuesday, September 9, 2008

School Days (and Shoes!)

Yesterday Landon had his first day of school- well, really just daycare, but calling it school meant I could force JP to smile through the obligatory "first day of school" pictures taken outside our front door in the morning. Landon looked snazzy in colorful shorts, red shirt, and black and yellow crocs.

JP didn't understand why Landon was allowed to wear crocs outside the house when he isn't, but I explained that this was the rare exception to the rule as I realized only that morning that Landon did not have any shoes. Up until now he has lived his life barefoot- shoes just seemed unnecessary when it was 100+ degrees outside and he wasn't walking. I rectified the situation with a late Monday night run to the mall and he's now the proud owner of adorable mini black converse sneakers. See how I can turn any post into a discussion of shoes? Speaking of which, how cute are these?

I got them very on sale at Ann Taylor while I was hunting for Landon's shoes (what? Ann Taylor could have had the perfect pair for him) and now I'm planning my whole outfit around them tomorrow. My feet will one day revolt against me, but for now, I love my heels!

Anyway, daycare. All three of us handled the big drop-off well. Landon immediately dove out of my arms when he saw the other babies and ALL the new toys and things he could bang on the floor. JP and I said hello to his new teachers, filled a cubby with his accessories (fitted sheet, blanket, extra clothes, diapers, wipes, walky talkie wired to ring in mommy's office if a baby is mean to him- you know, the usual), and gave him a kiss on the forehead. He looked mildly concerned as we walked out the door, but seemed content to chug his cup of milk and stare at the baby sitting next to him. JP rushed off to class, I drove to work, and then we both logged in to the center's cameras to check on the little guy. Each classroom has a video camera on the ceiling and parents are given a password to view their child's room. At various points during the day I saw Landon push a chair across the room, carefully move a pile of trucks from one location to another, eat his lunch, and listen to a man playing guitar. He seemed pretty pleased with his new surroundings. When I went to pick him up at 5:30 I could see him sitting happily on a mat with the other toddlers (there are 8 in the class, ages 12-20 months), but as soon as he saw me coming his little face crumpled and he buried his head in my neck with big tears. I think he was just exhausted. I know from the cameras and the little "daily report" the teachers give you that he had a good day. We enjoyed a quiet evening at home with lots of dog petting, swinging on the playscape (Landon now points out the window with great conviction every time we pass the back door - he adores that swing), and crawling up and down the stairs. It was nice to be so excited to be with him - I didn't check my email, answer my phone, or look wistfully at the clock, wishing it was a little closer to bedtime. I just enjoyed him.

This morning's drop off also went well. He leaped out of my arms again, but this time started looking around with a worried expression when he noticed I wasn't on the floor with him. I said goodbye, gave him a kiss, and walked out the door (tempting as it would be to sneak out when he's distracted, I think that would be much worse in the long run - I don't want him scared that if he turns around mommy will disappear). He looked like he was going to cry, but I peaked through the window around the corner and he was smiling at his teacher and banging a plastic car on the floor. We'll see how the rest of the week goes. I know that some time soon he's going to start getting clingy as soon as we walk in the door and I'm dreading it. Dropping him off was much harder than I anticipated.

Work is going very well. I've got the challenging task of drafting the language for a new, unusual stock option agreement for an Austin startup company (one great thing about working in this office - very cool, mostly small, corporate clients). I've also recently received a huge capital markets due diligence assignment - remember that stack of barbri books that was nearly as tall as Landon? The stack of documents I need to comb through is taller than that. But I'm secretly happy about it; I love busywork, especially busywork that requires a bit of brain power, but not so much that you're worried your brain isn't up to the task. I like keeping the precarious balance between being bored and hiding under my desk- due diligence tends toward the rote and things like creating a contract from scratch make me at least check out the square footage under my office furniture. And luckily there's plenty of space- now whether I use it first to cower from an assignment that I'm sure was explained to me in Greek or to hide my tears on the day Landon doesn't exit my arms on his own volition, only time will tell.


  1. You are so lucky to have found a daycare with a webcam! I don't think there are any around here :(

  2. Oh yea, and yes, those shoes are cute!

  3. The video camera is such a cool thing! It's great that you can see what the kids are up to! I'm glad he likes daycare so much! And those shoes are awesome!

  4. I'm wondering why it seems like you are having (or anticipating having) a harder time with dropping Landon off at daycare this time around? Unless I remember incorrectly, you didn't seem to talk about the same feelings when you took him to Maya's. Do you think it's because he is older and more aware now? or is it because this is more of a permanent set-up?
    It sounds like everyone is handling it really well so far and the daycare sounds great! I can't even imagine how I will feel when I go to drop my child off at daycare in the not-too-distant future, but I hope it goes as smoothly as it has for you!

  5. My heart still breaks at dropoff on those days when his face crumples and he starts wailing.

    But I love pickup, when he runs to the door, holding his arms up, with a big smile on his face.

    I know he's happy in between just because of the reports I get and from the times I've dropped in or seen him playing before he saw me there to pick him up, but it's so nice that you know for sure.

  6. Charlie's first day of toddler day care down here I snuck him in in just a pair of socks and very long pants because he didn't have any shoes either! I felt so silly! It sounds like a wonderful place and he will adjust quickly.

    I love busywork too! Give me a million graphs to make or a huge document to edit and I will happily chug along all day.

  7. It's a tough age for drop-offs, but it'll get better. And then worse again. And then better. I am sure he's having fun.

    I'm like you - I like busywork. Some days I even prefer the mindless busywork! But the kind that makes you think is good, too. Makes the day go fast!

    Adorable shoes! Yours and Landon's! (There's a boy in my KT's classroom named Landon, btw, so every morning I think of you. Hee.)

  8. Adorable! (Landon and the shoes.)

    I reeeeally miss putting on professional wear sometimes.

  9. That's awesome that they have a webcam at Landon's daycare, I wish my son's school did.

    I'm glad we're not the only people who had to run out and get shoes the night before. Graham ONLY had Crocs and they're not allowed to wear them there so we needed some sneakers.

    I hope the dropoffs stay pleasant, we had an incident this week after two weeks of happy dropoffs. He was perfectly happy when I picked him up there so I know he loves it. Glad you found a place you like for Landon, it makes going to work that much less stressful.

  10. Oh my god, love the shoes!!

  11. My kid just got his first set of Crocs, too! Unfortunately, he immediately figured out how to take them off and chew on them ... which is not only gross, but often results in them being tossed over the side of the stroller where I have to retrieve them before they disappear foreever. *sigh*

    But DAMN are they ever cute on babies. Why aren't they as cute on adults?!

  12. So glad to hear that Landon adapted to his new classroom so well! It's so much easier when they aren't hanging on you and carrying-on.

    Also, good idea about making sure he's sees you leave...I try to do that as well after doing it inadvertently with Gavin once. Poor guy was REALLY upset.

  13. PeEk!! Surely you aren't reaching a pinnacle? Heh. Go ahead and delete this comment. :P

    Fabulous shoes, and I love Landon's outfit too. :)

  14. Those shoes are so cute