Monday, September 22, 2008

No Vacancy

We had another wonderful weekend here at Hotel Lag Liv. One of my best friends from law school took a surprise trip down from Chicago, landing in Austin at 12:30 am Saturday morning and leaving at 6 am today. We had a blast flitting about my new city with Sir Landon (her name for him since he was a little bitty guy). And of course, the best way to see Austin is to eat your way through it: huge breakfast tacos from Juan in a Million, Sonic tater tots and Route 44 Cherry Limeades, copious amounts of beef slathered in bbq sauce from County Line, more breakfast tacos from El Arroyo, more Sonic tater tots, and finally a salad on Sunday night (but a salad with lots of cheese and thick creamy dressing). I think I'm still full. Landon, always happy to have a pretty lady around, also seemed to enjoy himself on our culinary adventures.

Clapping for breakfast tacos at our favorite hole in the wall

Completely distracted by the deliciousness of the giant breakfast taco to his left

So Big!

Propelled forward by the smell of County Line BBQ

In between all the eating we took a tour of my office, took the dogs to play in Barton Creek, accompanied Landon to our local pool, and squeezed in a bit of shopping. And there was lots of sitting and talking. It's so nice to have friends you can just pick things right back up with; it's so weird to not know when I'll see her again, I still feel like I'm just on a vacation from my law school life. I'm hoping to make a quick trip up to Chicago some time around Christmas. By then I'll really be missing the city (I already do. A lot.).

Next weekend I have two friends staying with us for the Austin City Limits Festival and then I think we have open rooms for a while. I'm planning a big law school reunion sometime in February- I those girls so much and can't wait to get more of them down here!


  1. Those are the best kind of friends! It's so nice that she came to visit! And I'm so jealous that you have a place for all these people to stay, since it makes little impromptu trips that much easier.
    It's funny how when you live in the city, you feel claustrophobic, but once you move out, you always miss it. At least trips back make for good vacations!

  2. Juan in a Million - love it! Landon's longer hair is such a cute look.

  3. Sounds like you had a super busy past couple of days! It's so fun to play host to best friends especially when you live in different cities!

  4. Pretty soon Landon will need his own breakfast taco! Sounds like a nice weekend.

  5. He already does!! He ate so much of mine that I ordered him his own egg and cheese taco and he ate all that too! His belly makes up half his body weight :)

  6. I love Landon's little sway back. It's all you can do to stop yourself from scooping him up and kissing him half to death. Also, when did he start being such a KID? It's like he was a baby one minute and a kid the next.

  7. AHHHHH! El Arroyo! It's a good thing I don't still live in Austin or I would definitely bust my diet.

  8. Hi Lag Liv,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I've actually been feeling much better.

    And, I am really glad that law student got you for her interview.

    PS - you are on my blog roll too. I love your blog.

  9. yum!!! I'd be clapping, too, for all that food!