Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My First Business Trip

Tomorrow morning I fly to my homeland of Houston, Texas for 2.5 days of "New Associate Orientation". There will be lots of meetings and seminars on things like "working with associates who look different from you" and "how to dress like a lawyer*" but the evening activities are pure fun. Tomorrow night we're touring Minute Maid Park (or Enron Field, if you remember it from old days) and participating in batting practice (and by "we" I do not mean me, I learned long ago I am better in the water than on land) and Thursday night we're competing in a city-wide scavenger hunt in limos filled with beer. Our teams are made up of associates from all the other offices so I'll have to say goodbye to my Austin buddies and make some new friends I admit that I'm dorkily excited about the whole thing- two nights of sleep in a fancy hotel, meetings where I learn random facts about the firm I can relay later in casual conversation, and my first limo ride since prom - plus I'm sure there's going to be a new binder or two filled with handouts. I'm going to miss my boys, but I do not flatter myself to think they will fall apart while I'm gone. JP just told me they're going to throw a big party and invite over Landon's lady baby friends from daycare- I just hope my neighbors don't call the cops.

I believe I've rigged blogger to publish a little something to keep you company while I'm gone, and if you comment I'll have something to read on my blackberry should the 17th meeting of the day be less than riveting. It's a win-win situation.


  1. I think I'll steer cleer from the drunken associate-filled limos riding around town. LOL. A scavenger hunt sounds great. Have a blast!

  2. Lag Liv, First let me tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I came to you through Amalah, and have enjoyed reading about what is going on your lives.
    I have worked in a large law firm for 17 years now. I have seen many, many associates come through the firm since I started. I have even seen some of the stay on to become partner. The best advice I can offer is to not be afraid to ask questions. I know you have worked there before, but that just means you can help your other new associates. The saddest thing in the world is an new associate wandering around looking lost,(but wanting to seem in charge) so not asking where things are, or how to do something. Also "Can you show me how to (scan, copy, fax, flowport, etc.)?" is always better than "Do this for me." That also makes sure that if your assistant is away from his/her desk, you can handle somethings yourself.
    One of the senior associates today gave a presentation to the secretaries and staff about how to train your new associate. She compared it to training new puppies: crate training, paper training, keeping them safe & out of danger. How to avoid the puppy barking too much, and biting the wrong big dog. It was hilarious, but also instructive. I am not the one comparing the new associates to puppies, understand. It did cause me to think about being dropped into such a big firm, and having no idea about what to do. I remember not going to lunch my first day (I was only 19) because no one told me I could. Good Luck with the New associate training.

  3. Please don't tell us you had a chance to take live batting practice at a major league stadium and turned it down. That is every American boys dream growing up! :)