Friday, August 15, 2008

So Many Things

So much blogging fodder, so very little time with the laptop. Here are some random points, all of which had their own blog posts written out in my head at some point this week:

I've started reading again. I get addicted to books and don't stop reading until I'm done. This obviously interferes with the little sleep Landon allows, so I haven't read a novel since he was born. I've now read four in the last four days, and that combined with the Olympics means I'm exhausted and I can't even blame the little man for it. My downfall was buying the first in the Twilight series in the airport when our plane was delayed Sunday night. I forgot how pleasant (and quick) it is to read something that doesn't make your brain hurt. No trying to discern a judge's holding or reasoning- just skimming the words and getting lost in a story. It's been lovely and now I'm looking for more suggestions.

All three of my in-laws are here. So far no one has cried, so I'd say things are going okay. I could write volumes on this topic, but they don't know the blog exists and my parents do, so that doesn't seem fair. They're going to watch Landon while JP and I drive to Houston for a wedding Saturday night. They leave on Monday.

Landon. There is so much to say about him - he's the very essence of delightful. I smiled so much playing with him Tuesday that my face started to hurt. Monday night my firm mentor from last summer invited us over for dinner. Landon was in heaven with her little boy- I really think he misses daycare and his baby friends. They played with the same toys, chased each other around the house, and shared lots of noises and expressions. It was adorable. On Tuesday night JP and I attended his formal opening banquet for the MBA program. The second year students were providing free babysitting in a nearby room and I was a little nervous about how he'd react when we dropped him off since he hadn't been in a daycare situation in so long. I need not have worried. The minute he saw the other babies, he dove out of my arms, and crawled off at full speed. He didn't look back, and when we came to pick him up way after his bedtime, he was sitting happily in a corner with a very pretty 2nd year business student, scooting a car back and forth and gazing up at her with a big smile. He is such a flirt.

JP's orientation dinner was very nice, I'm so proud of him and glad that he's finally getting excited about his program. It was weird to be the spouse of the grad student rather than the grad student myself. I had a strong urge to tell everyone I'd just graduated law school or I was a lawyer or something to imply I was more than "the spouse". It was a strange impulse and luckily, one I was able to resist. I don't want to be the person who needs to announce her degree at the start of a conversation.

We've eaten out every day this week - my old clothes may fit before I start work after all. Wednesday was a carnivorous feast at Fogo de Chao with the young corporate attorneys- it was a "Congrats on Surviving (and Hopefully Passing) the Bar" dinner. Last night we all went to our favorite fancy Austin restaurant. I am very opposed to bringing babies to nice restaurants so a good friend of mine and her husband babysat. She's due with their first child in January so I was a little hesitant to call them- I mean why scare someone when there's no way out, but Landon was perfect, just like he's been all week.

Today involved a trip to the UT bookstore where I spent too much money on an adorable burnt orange dress to wear to the football games. We have season tickets in the MBA group and I think it's important that I look like a cute, supportive UT spouse- precisely $59.95 worth of important. We had dinner at Hula Hut and are now camped in front of the TV watching the Olympics (thank God for DVR or JP would have lost his mind this week with all these nighttime events). All three of my in-laws are asleep on the couch and I'm finally getting some quality laptop time.

Things are going well. I'm enjoying my time with Landon, enjoying my time with the house (which is now fully decorated and properly organized), and enjoying working through my to-do lists. I'm still looking forward to starting work in a few weeks, but this in-between time is nice too. Nice and crazy, just like we like it.


  1. I'm sorry about your old roomie. That had to suck. But damn. That was an awesome race.

  2. LOVE the Twilight series! (Breaking Dawn wasn't my favorite but the 7th grader inside of me loved it...)

  3. glad to see you're doing so many things and enjoying your time with each other and with Landon.

    Can I hug you for feeling so strongly about NOT bringing a baby to a nice restaurant? I have dragged my kids just about everywhere (whether by choice or necessity), but if I can't get a babysitter for a night out at a nice restaurant, I don't go. There are just some places little guys don't need to be. :)