Tuesday, March 4, 2008


The TV has been turned on CNN since Landon and I got home this evening. He may only be seven months old, but he's deeply invested in the democratic process. And though we can't tell daddy, he's totally rooting for Obama. I think the most exciting thing about this election- besides the fact that I finally have a candidate I care about, rather than one who's just a better than the other guy- is the incredibly high voter turnout. The numbers in Texas are breaking every record and it's fantastic. I'm very happy people are getting out to support their candidate, even if about half the state isn't picking mine.

I really need to go to bed. It's possible that Landon is having a rare, but serious complication with his antibiotic (just got off the phone with the pediatrician), so we'll be in the doctor's office first thing in the morning. You know, because I really needed more to do this week, with both my finals a week away, his surgery and overnight hospital stay on Thursday, and my Aquarium adventure on Saturday. Hopefully it's nothing, but with Landon that's so rarely the case, I should be resting up for the drama that will probably unfold tomorrow morning.

But I can't stop watching the results roll in on CNN. If I wasn't so busy and behind, there totally would have been another Election Party tonight. This time with a Texas Two-Step theme: brisket, vermicelli salad, baked beans, corn bread, and cake. If I hadn't just dropped $150,000 on a law degree, I think I would want to be an event planner.*

*I meant for this to be a very short post about watching CNN and it turned into a longer ramble ending with a statement about brisket and event planning. Seeing your exhaustion in physical, blog-post form is a little sad, but it's giving me the strength to turn off the TV and wait until morning to see the results. Given that Landon likes to host a party at 4am, I won't have to wait too long.


  1. is it dorky that i'm tivo/recording cnn coverage of the texas primary results because i have a test in the morning! lol

  2. Man! Landon is quite the complicated guy . . . all these complications! I hope he's ok!

    I finally went to bed last night at midnight.

  3. When I'm done being a lawyer I want to be a wedding planner. We can open a business together :-)

    Report from South Austin: It was pretty crazy last night. Bizarre system that we could vote and then caucus too. But we did both since every vote really did count last night. We are alternate delegates for Obama, cause they needed more volunteers. Unlikely we'll actually have to do anything though. It was very interesting to see the demographics at the caucus - hispanics and mid to older women on one side, blacks, younger people, and more variety on the other. I think we were the youngest people there except for a few high schoolers there with their parents. We came out 160-131 Obama.

    I hope Landon is ok!! Good luck with everything!

  4. Awww...poor Landon. I hope he gets better soon. I was glad to see the high turnout here in Texas but alas my candidate is now out of the race which makes for a very boring rest of the political season for me at least.

  5. My friend went to caucus last night in Houston and said that there were several hundred people waiting outside her polling place at 7:15. Crazy!!