Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ladies who Brunch

I love throwing parties. They're a great way to hang out with friends and the only time I get to use the beautiful serving dishes we received as wedding gifts. Today I combined my love of breakfast with my love of hostessing and threw a brunch party for a seven of my law school girlfriends. Normally I wouldn't risk trying out new recipes when I'm cooking for others (JP complements and eats even my biggest disasters), but one of my guests is allergic to gluten/wheat and another is a vegetarian, so I had to work outside my tried-and-true recipe box. Luckily they all turned out great! The brunch had three courses. The first: Party Mimosas (apricot and mango nectars, pineapple-orange juice, and champagne), Poppyseed Bread with Orange Glaze (my mom's delicious recipe), cheese slices, and fruit salad. The second: Crustless Spinach Quiche and a Broccoli and Ham Quiche (same recipe as the spinach, different filling). The finale: Fruit Pizza. The spinach quiche was especially good- and so easy! I'll definitely make it again. It was a fun gathering of friends and food. Landon was the perfect co-host (JP had escaped to the pool); he loves the ladies and basked in their adoration all morning.

As we were all sitting around chatting, it sunk in how much I am going to miss these amazing women who have become my support group and close friends. I didn't leave college with the mythical group of girlfriends I saw on TV and movies- my activities were too varied for any of my friends to know each other. It's funny to me that it was law school, when I was a newlywed, then pregnant, then new mom, and always happily divorced from the social scene, that brought me my first real group of girlfriends since middle school. They're my answer for all those times I asked myself, as a depressed and overwhelmed 1L, why I picked the University of Chicago. We better follow through on the reunion trips we've so often discussed or I'm going to have to force at least one of them to move down to Austin.


  1. Brunch sounds delicious! I found the same thing... my grad school girlfriends are the ones I will have forever. It was so hard to move away from them but we talk on the phone so much it's easy to keep in touch.

  2. LL, i feel the same way! my grad school girlfriends and I always have a game night or potluck movie night atleast once a month, its a nice way to take a break during the semester and to bond with friends (and fellow future colleagues). it was hard for me coming from Texas because I had 4 years to make friends there but in grad school I have only have that time so its nice to find a group of people you can "click" with so fast but still have meaningful friendships, not to mention the same professional interests. I feel like my grad school girlfriends understand me more sometimes than my undergrad girls =\..especially those of us who moved up to the great white north for our grad studies!

  3. aww that's great that you are close to your lawschool peers! I definately miss having close friends, right now I just have my husband really. And I always felt left out too because i didn't have the "college girlfriend" either.

    The menu for your brunch sounds awesome!