Thursday, January 31, 2008

Law School Auction

Tonight is the Law School's CLF Auction. It is by far my favorite law school event, and this year Landon and JP are coming to join the fun. It's organized by the Chicago Law Foundation, a student group dedicated to raising money for classmates who take public interest positions after graduation. Professors, alumni, law firms, and fellow students donate items to be purchased in a live and silent auction. The event always includes an open bar and lots of yummy donated food. Our beloved contracts professor is the auctioneer and the whole night is a lot of fun.

A few of the highlights for this year's live auction include:
  1. A private swim session for 3 with the beluga whales at Chicago's Shedd aquarium
  2. $1000 and a personal shoper at Neiman Marcus
  3. Custom designed diamond ring
  4. Four Bulls VIP courtside passes with tickets to the pre-game shootaround (one of you gets to be the ball returner), picture at center court, and autographed picture of your favorite player
  5. Weekend for 4 at a professor's fancy lake house
  6. Dinner for 4 at Gibson's, Bulls game, and drinks afterward
  7. Spa day at the Peninsula Hotel for 4 and dinner afterward at Alinea
  8. Private cruise on a law firm partner's 65-foot yacht for 20 students
  9. $2500 Neiman Marcus shopping spree and lunch with the CEO and General Counsel
  10. Two tickets to the NBA draft in NYC, backstage tour, visit to the Green Room, and a meeting with the Commissioner and current/past players
  11. Week-long stay at a Tuscan wine estate (owned by an alum) for four, with a private tour, tasting of all their wines, and round-trip airfare to Italy and four extra nights lodging in Rome
  12. Pick your vacation for two: cruise through the Mediterranean, South American Adventure, or Asian Exploration
  13. Various wine tastings, scotch tastings, poker nights, theatre nights, and very expensive dinners with famous professors at their homes and out in the city. Plus trips to famous alumni judges' chambers or homes for meals and discussion (including Judge Richard Posner and more)

Pretty incredible, right?! Makes me kind of sad we're going to deplete our savings on a down payment for a house in Austin because I would REALLY like a cruise, Italian vacation, and/or shopping spree. Three friends and I have agreed to bid up to a certain amount for the spa day and dinner at Alinea prize. I have a birthday coming up, so I'm pre-spending the anticipated birthday funds. The silent auction also has some fantastic prizes like iPods, restaurant gift certificates, etc.

And the great thing is that while you watch the Bulls from your courtside seats, you know 100% of your money went to helping fellow students pay for the bar and accept unpaid summer positions. Let the bidding begin!


  1. How fun and what a great cause. You will be glad when you get the keys to your new home that you saved the money. How else can you afford a house with a big enough guest bedroom for me and Bear to come and visit in style? Just kidding. But I do expect margaritas at Chuys sometime...

  2. I want the whale swimming lesson! That way I wouldn't feel so bad about donning a bathing suit with my post-pregnancy body . . .

  3. Wow, I take it mostly alum will be bidding on these? The idea of spending that kind of cash as a student is just insane.

  4. How fun! The prizes are so wonderful. Good luck with your bidding!

  5. ll- hey! we got the bath seat for the tub at Babies R Us....He loves it! He gets to be a "big boy" in the tub and I don't have to get all wet bathing him! The only thing is, dry it upside down so it doesn't mildew....the auction sounds like fun! I love taking JP to school events- of course mine are high school basketball and football games...not law school auctions.

  6. And I was excited when I was the successful bidder to attend an arena league football game with a (hot) professor and three friends. Guess I needed to upgrade to a private law school...

  7. Wow! Who actually wins them? Is it all alums? When I was at YLS, the biggest items were things like a poker game or dinner at a professor's house.

  8. Wow, the best we got at our public interest auction was a cut and color at a local salon (which I won). Our school is lame.