Sunday, September 30, 2007

In My Shopping Bag

Walgreens, 10pm last night:

- Unflavored Pedialyte: to rehydrate our screaming baby who had been on a hunger strike for the past 12 hours
- Fruit Flavored Pedialyte: in case Landon rejected the unflavored variety and we needed to sweeten the deal
- Enfamil Nutramigen: in case the problem was our formula
- Dark Chocolate M&M's: because getting drunk wasn't going to help the situation

Yesterday Landon screamed for a solid 12 hours. By 8pm he had only eaten 6 ounces and looked like he was in almost constant pain. At 9pm, worried that he was going to get dehydrated, and at a total loss on how to make him feel better, I called the pedatric GI office number. I expected to go through some automated stuff, leave a message, and finally hear back from a doctor- instead I was transferred directly to the on-call doctor. Apparently having the number of a specialist makes you some kind of VIP. Anyway, the on-call doc suggested we give him an additional half-dose of Prevacid, some Tylenol, and buy some Pedialyte. He took 3 ounces of Pedialyte, enough to make him sleep, and JP and I collapsed in bed. At 2am we tried to give him formula again (hoping the extra dose of Prevacid would have helped the reflux) but he freaked out and refused all liquids. At 6am he took some more Pedialyte, and at 10am he was refusing everything and screaming. We called the GI doc again and she said to head to the ER. So that's where we are- again. And he's now smiling at me from his dad's lap. Again.


  1. Oh no! Not AGAIN!! What a little troublemaker!!

  2. oh no! i hope he's okay. that's gotta be hard. he is an insanely adorable little troublemaker;)

  3. Poor little thing. I hope he's better soon!

  4. Aw man! He sounds like he's really giving you guys a run for your money. I think you need to upgrade to Godiva or something similarly more soothing. ;)

  5. Definitely "table" sleep training exercise until you figure out his digestive issues.

    I'm so sorry he's suffering (at home and otherwise of course) and you're having a hard time right now.

    I believe the trouble at the start means no "terrible 2s" for you!