Monday, October 1, 2007

ER Conclusion

Sorry I didn't finish the ER story yesterday- when we were done I went to the law school to do a few hours of reading and catch-up (yes, catching up after only one week of class) and when I got home there was dinner to be made, a baby to be cuddled, a husband's business school essays to edit, and the season premieres of Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters to watch.

Landon is fine- he had another miraculous "recovery" the moment we were on the road to the ER and gulped down a 4 oz. bottle of formula in triage. This time the GI specialist had called ahead to tell the ER we were coming, so even though our baby looked all charming and adorable, we were still admitted immediately. The doctors did a thorough check for bowel obstructions, hernias, a UTI- anything that could explain the screaming other than reflux. Nothing came up and because we were obsessive with the Pedialyte, he wasn't dehydrated enough to require an IV, so we were left with a diagnosis of severe reflux combined with colic. Treatment: time, cuddles, and patience.

We do have a follow-up with the GI doctor sometime this week (I have to call and get an appointment this morning and have the names of two Very Important Doctors to help us get an appointment within 7 days rather than the usual 2 months). Reflux may only be cured with time, but there is definitely room to improve on his pain management. His current dosage of Prevacid just isn't enough. The docs said that reflux almost always gets worse before it gets better. I initially got excited thinking that maybe this past weekend meant he would get better soon, but they felt it was more likely that his body had quickly adjusted to the medicine and now required a stronger dose. Babies usually don't get worse until 4 months and better until 6 months. I can't even describe how far away that feels.

Luckily his sleep has been going great. We're not doing anything, he's just sleeping longer. Friday night he went six hours between his first two nighttime bottles and in the past three days he's always gone a minimum of four. We can survive for a long time on four hour intervals.


  1. You poor girl! (And your poor baby!) I hope Landon's reflux resolves miraculously in the next day or so -- and I am beyond impressed that you followed all that up with a trip to the library!

  2. Shelley- don't be too impressed. I really went because given Landon's history I knew he'd start screaming again once the ER magic wore off and the law library is a safe, quiet place. But I did get some stuff accomplished out of guilt for leaving JP to manage the situation alone.

  3. That is rough! :( I hope he starts feeling better!

  4. LOL! I've done the same thing (gone for a walk, or to the store, or to hang out with neighbors) when I sensed Eden melting down in the past, too.

  5. I'm so sorry that his acid reflux is making him so uncomfortable and causing you to go to the ER! My little boy also had acid reflux/colic, and his first 5 months were living hell for us. It irritated me because everyone says colic ends at 3 months! But magically, he became a mellow, giggling, happy little guy, not the little red-faced screamer he used to be. I know it seems so far away, but hang in there! I hope the specialists will work their magic and make him feel better soon.