Tuesday, September 18, 2007

2-month checkup

Landon's 2-month checkup was yesterday morning and for once a visit to his pediatrician brought back all good news. His weight remains in the 50th percentile at 11 lb. 13 oz, his length is in the 25th at 22.5", and his head is in the 50th at 40 cm around. His dad can't believe that he's only in the 25th percentile for length (I'm 5'8" and JP is 6'3"), but I'm pretty sure those percentiles don't mean a whole lot now. He has huge feet and hands, so like a puppy, I think he'll grow into them someday. He's finally gotten over the whole "I scream whenever I'm naked" thing and was quite cute while the doctor was examining him. He's been tolerating his Alimentum much better, so we get to stay on that, and the reflux remains much improved, so he'll remain on the same dosage of Prevacid. The visit ended with 4 shots and that was quite traumatic- he cried so much that the paper sheet they put over the exam table was soaked under his face. He shrieked the whole time I was making his 4-month appointment and by the time we walked out the entire waiting room was staring at him with wide eyes. The kid has powerful lungs. I'd been warned that the shots could make him fussy, feverish, and/or sleepy. He was fussy at first, then feverish (Tylenol fixed that), and then took the longest nap ever and woke up in a very agreeable mood. A good friend of mine came over and kept me company while we were housebound- it was actually a pretty nice day.

The pediatrician also told us to start "training" him to sleep longer at night and go longer between meals during the day. Because of the reflux Landon turned into a snacker- 1 ounce here, 2 ounces a little later, etc. At night he never went more than 3-4 hours between feedings. His weight is enough that he is physically capable of lasting longer, and JP and I are desperate for a little more sleep. She said to start making him go 4 hours between feedings during the day (which I did yesterday and he was fine- he even drank a full 4 oz. bottle for the first time in a month) which will in turn help him sleep more at night. If we could just get him down to one nighttime feeding that would make such an enormous difference. Already his second feeding of the night is just an excuse for him to look around and babble to us- he barely drinks anything. I think it'll be tough the first few nights we try to wean him off of it, but everyone will be happier when it's done.

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  1. Ah the old stretch the feeding stage...harder done than said sometimes. I'm so glad he's doing fine. Loved the previous photo!