Friday, June 8, 2007

A Weekend of Fun and JP!

After two days out of the office, we were told to come in for about 2 hours before the Big Firm Weekend begins at noon. All my projects have been taken from me due to deadlines I couldn't meet (summers don't get remote access log-ins, so I couldn't work from home), and I won't get my new assignments until Monday. I've organized my outlook inbox, found a pretty desktop background, and stopped by other attorney's offices to say hello. There is actually a billing number for "attorney down time", so I think that's what I'll be using today. I really hope there's no other reasons for me to miss work during my last three weeks here. If I was in Chicago I'd be thrilled about a day off, but there isn't much for me to do here (besides shop for things I don't need) and I really want to work on assignments in the other corporate practice areas. My time feels so short and I still have no idea what area of law I want to practice!

The Firm is flying JP in for the Big Weekend, so I get to see him in about 4 hours- I can't wait!! This is the longest we've been apart since I spent several weeks exploring Europe before we got married. I think the distance has been harder on him because I'm kept in such a whirlwind of social activity I really only miss him when I get home at night (although I miss him a LOT then) whereas he has the same old schedule and feels my absence more. It's going to be a wonderful Weekend filled with Austin-y things and the Firm picking up the tab!

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