Thursday, June 21, 2007


The Firm's social whirlwind has finally caught up with me- I've caught a bit of a cold. I'm treating myself with pregnancy-approved Sudafed, orange juice, and snicker doodles. I've discovered that the baby goes nuts when I drink OJ- he immediately does some type of rhythmic gymnastics routine. My whole stomach shakes! It's lots of fun- I like picturing him dancing around in there.

This weekend I go home to my parent's house for a bridal luncheon my mom is hosting. We have plans to see at least one chick flick (complete with large popcorn, diet coke, and mike & ikes) and pack all the baby shower gifts from 3 weeks ago into the back of my car. I think I'll just leave it all back there for the 5 days I'll have left in Austin- there's nothing that can melt and my parking spots are pretty secure. I can't believe JP and I will be driving back to Chicago in 8 days. I've enjoyed my time at the Firm so much- it feels so good to know I've found a place I think I can be happy (and a kick ass lawyer ;) Despite my sadness at leaving all the Firm fun behind, I can't wait to start unpacking, decorating the baby's nursery, and, of course, spending lots of quality time with JP!

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