Sunday, June 17, 2007

2 More Weeks

Another wonderfully busy weekend is over. I can't believe I only have two weeks left at the Austin Firm. JP flew in friday afternoon- we've been spoiled after seeing each other two weekends in a row. He'll be back Friday the 29th to drive back to Chicago with me on Saturday. Two weeks from tomorrow I'll be starting work at Chicago Firm. While I'm excited about being back with JP, seeing our new somewhat unpacked apartment, and finally starting the baby's nursery, I really wish I had more time in Austin. I don't feel like I've done enough projects or talked to enough associates to know what practice area I want to be in when I start at the Firm. This whole year I just assumed that by the end of my 2L summer I'd feel more settled on the issue, but if anything I'm less settled! I know I don't want to do litigation, but that's about it. I haven't done anything in health or employment or labor or securities- I wish there was more flexibility when you start out as an associate. Yeah, you can move around some, but I'd like some sort of rotational system for my first few months. I haven't figured out which partners are flexible and which ones expect you to do all your work in your office. If I was starting out with a plan to have kids in the future I would have time to figure this out. Instead I'll be starting with a one year old and would like to work under someone who understands that not every hour needs to be billed from your desk. In general I think the firm has a great attitude and culture toward working parents, but it's really all about who you do most of your work for.

Anyway, the weekend was lots of fun. My college roommate got married and I was a very pregnant bridesmaid. The wedding was beautiful, she was stunning, and it was a very happy occasion. Of course I spent most of the wedding being reminded of my own- it remains the most fun, most amazing weekend of my life. If I could get married all over again I'd do it in a heartbeat (same guy of course). I've just never felt that much happiness at once- I was really worried I'd burst. I kept trying to soak it all in, but when we looked at the pictures a few weeks later I saw there were already things I forgot. One of my biggest wishes for my friends who are planning weddings is that they can let go and enjoy their special day- it's hard to do after putting that much time, energy, and money into preparing for one event, but it makes the memories so much better. My other thing is planning for and talking about the marriage itself- after all the wedding is only day 1 of what will hopefully be thousands.

Well, I'm exhausted and have a sore throat- I think my crazy social schedule combined with being 7.5 months pregnant is starting to catch up with me. Tomorrow I fly to Another City for a Firm event, but I'll be back Tuesday night. I have another OB appointment tomorrow and am planning a pregnancy update post when I get back from my brief travels. I'm 32 weeks and 4 days pregnant- getting closer every day!


  1. Could you schedule some of your last two weeks' lunches with associates in the areas you're interested in and just be direct with your questions? Hope you find some answers. If all else fails, ask your secretary to dig up the scoop. We can pretty much tell you which partners are the tyrants in the firm and which aren't. Even in a big firm if we have to call one of our coworkers to get the scoop, we can get it. ;)

  2. Take care of yourself. Glad you're enjoying your summer!