Thursday, November 2, 2006

First Post

I got very into reading blogs over my 1st year of law school. They're a source of information (and entertainment) you can't get at the usual law school/lawyer websites or rankings. I've been wanting to start one myself, but couldn't think of a good reason to begin. So I stopped waiting for something momentous to happen and just decided to jump in. While I'm mostly writing this for myself to look back on and for friends and family to keep up on our life in Chicago, I hope its also useful to anyone attending law school (and if I keep it going, to other attorneys). It's not really anonymous, you could certainly figure out who I am if you tried, but I'm not using my real name.

A word on the name: "lag liv" is, very roughly translated, "law life" in Swedish. I'm half Swedish, it's fairly unique, and pretty well sums up what the blog is about.

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