Friday, November 17, 2006

Feeling Safe?

JP and I live in downtown Chicago. I realize its a big city and big cities have crime, but I've never felt remotely unsafe walking around at night or when I'm alone in our apartment. This morning at 8:30am I got a call from our building manager informing me that our storage unit (in the basement of the building) had been broken into and some of our stuff was in the hallway. I was shocked! I love in that building! People can't just break into it!

He said our suitcases had been opened, but were still there. I thought the suitcases were probably the most valuable thing in the unit so I wasn't too worried. Then I called JP to tell him the news and he reminded me that he had his golf clubs and snow board in there. I'm going home after lunch today to do an inventory, so hopefully JP's toys are still there. I'm not even sure what you do when things are stolen- our house was never broken into while I was growing up and by some miracle my college apartment on the wrong side of town was never robbed either. If you file a claim under your renter's insurance do your rates go up like car insurance? Does JP really need a new set of golf clubs when he works 80+ hours a week and can't use them? Should we no longer store semi-valuable stuff down there? A snow board really doesn't go with the living room decor and our apartment is quite small. I can't believe it was really broken into!

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