Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Weekend Untethered

Yesterday, while driving Landon and Claire to a bounce house for our most recent toddler birthday party, I heard a thunk noise somewhere on the top, rear part of my car. Odd, I thought, that almost sounds like something got blown off my roof. A few moments later, as I continued traveling 72 miles per hour down Mopac, I thought about calling my mom to see how her Saturday was going. Suddenly, a blast of "oh shit" hit me. It all came together -- the thunk, the fact that I often my blackberry on the roof as I put Claire in the car, remembering how I hurried around to strap Landon in on his side and then hurried back around the front of the car to get in so we could leave and not be late. That thunk was my blackberry. There was no turning around, especially with the two kids in the car, and it had probably been run over a few times by now anyway. So I guess that's one to avoid work on the weekends...

It's weird being technologically cut off. My work blackberry is also my cell phone, so I can't get texts (my brother adopted a dog on Saturday and was a little hurt that I didn't respond with compliments on the pictures he was sending of his scruffy little mutt) (his adorable scruffy little mutt) or personal calls. Thank goodness we have a land line so I could at least call JP when we got back from the party to inform him of my missing but presumed dead phone (he coaches all day on Saturdays). Hopefully our IT department can hook me up with another one first thing tomorrow morning. I wasn't expecting any urgent work emails this weekend as both my cases are busy but not in crisis mode (not that I know of anyway...), but I don't like going in to work blind. It has been rather freeing to only answer calls when I'm home and to only check gmail when I open up my laptop, but I couldn't last this way long - I like my tether.

In between birthday parties, and probably due in part to my ignorance is bliss approach to missing work emails, we've enjoyed a nice weekend of family time. Yesterday I got to sleep in until 9:30 (something that should really be in bold, large font, followed by lots of exclamation points), and this morning I let JP sleep in while I fed and entertained the kids. At exactly 9:29 I decided it was time to wake him up, so I put Claire to work:

At first she was like, Is this really okay? He looks like he's sleeping and I don't want to be rude.

And I said, Oh yeah, it's fine, just fall back and smile at him. He can't get mad at his little Biscettios.

But, um, I'll just wait way back here.

Claire: Hai daddy!!! Thank you for bouncing my crib mattress for 45 minutes when I woke up at 4 a.m. and thought it was morning time.

Wasn't that fun? Good morning to you again!!!!

Not to be left out, Landon jumped into the fray:

Claire: please don't crush me

Morning wrestling practice! Claire is small, but uses her fierce grip and tiny lobster claws to great advantage.

The tide turns as Claire gains the upper hand...

The Biscuit is champion!

I love our mornings.


  1. I love the "pile of puppies" moments in bed! That last pictue is esbecially awesome, though I also love the lobster claws.

  2. I genuinely laughed out loud at the "don't crush me" picture. Her face is classic!

  3. You know this already, but you have the CUTEST FAMILY. And I love how you all enjoy each other so much. It's so fun to watch from afar. :)

  4. Priceless pictures! I LOVE the last one...ADORABLE!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Patty from TX

  5. I was on vacation for a week with no Blackberry access (or super expensive international access, so I didn't turn it on), and it was nice. But then when I got back, I was thrilled to have texts, emails, and FB to catch up on!

    And these pics are so precious!

  6. so much cuteness in this post. i almost couldn't handle it! any more, and you might have to split something so unbearably adorable into two posts, for my heart's sake. :D

  7. I'm loving these pictures and Claire's LOL Cats voice :)

  8. Great new background!