Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year! It's been a crazy few days, what with the drooling, teething, night-waking baby, the hysterical meltdown by my mother-in-law accusing me of everything from not loving (or even liking) my husband, not respecting my own mother, and "using anyone I can to get ahead", the writing of a complicated legal brief by myself for the past days, a flurry of post-Christmas returns (yay for store credit for spring shopping!), and the hosting of a small New Year's Eve party last night, I haven't had nearly enough time to blog (or read the 15 new books waiting for me on my Kindle).

(pics from last night: Claire and her doggie)

But enough about all that. I sent off my first draft of the brief at 4:00 today (kicking off 2011 with 8 billable hours, woo hoo, kind of) and am now watching the Biscuit pseudo-CRAWL around the playroom. She only goes backwards, but she does it in wide circles, so while her view keeps changing, she still can't get her hands on the plastic piece of broccoli she so desperately wants. I should go get the video camera, because it is very cute, but I'm cross-legged on the floor and feeling quite cozy with my laptop on my knees and my increasingly (and frighteningly) mobile baby beside me.

(that's a smile, really)

2010 was a great year, obviously, with the addition of our little Clairebiscuit, and I'm pretty excited about 2011 as well. There should be fewer changes than in past years - no moves, no graduations, and no babies, but hopefully some small good ones- like a new, paying job for JP and some manual labor re-landscaping we'll (he'll) be doing in our backyard. I know Claire is going to change so much in the next year, as will Landon to a slightly lesser extent, and I look forward to all of that too. As for me, I hope to expand a bit more in my practice area at work and get more involved in legal things outside of my office. I'd love to get in shape, etc., but I'll be realistic and say that I hope to continue to eat pretty healthfully (while still indulging in my cookies, a world without a cookies is not a world in which I wish to live) and to start back up with the family walks we were taking every night before the time change.

(when Landon saw Claire's shirt, he ran upstairs to change into his Superman shirt so they could match)

Our New Year's plans were simple, but fun, as fits the budget-conscious, slightly sleep-deprived, parents of two that we now are. We had friends over for dinner with their kids, so I got to make appetizers (Mexican Cheesecake!) and decorate the table and bar area, which I love doing, and we didn't have to go anywhere. The kids played, Clairebear smiled, the adults drank wine -- we had a great time. Our next door neighbor had a few fireworks going off in the cul-de-sac so we watched those, watched the kids play some more, and then at 8 everyone left and our Superkids went to bed. JP and I stayed up a while longer playing Scrabble, drinking a bottle of red wine, and toasting to the East Coast New Year's before heading to bed. We're boring. Also happy. Life is good.

Happy 2011 everyone!


  1. Mexican cheesecake? I've been looking for a good recipe - I've tried 2 that just did not work. Are you willing to share yours? We have some really good panaderĂ­as in our town, but I'd still rather be able to make it at home!

    Oh, and Happy New Year! I love snuggling at home, too!

  2. Hey Kelli! It's actually an appetizer, not your traditional Mexican cheesecake type dessert, but it is delicious! I posted the recipe here a while back. Happy New Year to you too!

  3. I just can't get over how grown up Landon looks, especially when he's sitting next to Miss Claire! It really is too bad your mother-in-law can't get over herself; she's losing so much over so little.

  4. Love the Superman picture! Such gorgeous kids.

    Sorry about your MIL. At least JP can see that she's crazy, too.

  5. I agree with Angie that Landon looks so much older now! It made me think about how happy I am that you (continue to)share your little family moments with us -- seeing everyone growing up so wonderfully and happily makes me so happy for you, and it always brightens my day. Best wishes for the year ahead! :) MJS

  6. I think the simple, but celebratory New Years' Eves are the best kind. Sounds lovely! Hope your 2011 is wonderful!

  7. About 7 or 8 years ago we started a new New Years Eve tradition - at the beheat of our 6 year old who begged us to stay home and have a party with her and her sister. Ever since, each New Years has been the same - lots of different fancy appetizers and finger foods we never otherwise buy for supper (this year we added a special dessert) and then we play with the kids (now that they're older it's usually Playstation) while enjoying a few drinks. My youngest stays up with me to actually watch the ball drop on TV but, alas, all the others are already in bed long before that.

    Happy New Year, LL. Hope you continue to have a great one.