Monday, January 24, 2011

Big Brother to the Rescue

Things have been good here. Nothing special going on, just a lot of working and hanging out and watching our kids be kids. I've said this approximately a million times already, but watching the two of them together really is fabulous.

(Landon, trying to teach Claire to crawl)

The Biscuit has terrible allergies. Her eyes are red and puffy and her nose is constantly running and she wakes herself up coughing and it's so pathetic and sad. She's on liquid albuterol and zyrtec and I think it's helping, maybe. She's been waking up earlier because of the coughing and this morning was no different. I was tired, JP was tired, but luckily our live-in Landon-nanny popped into Claire's room at 6:45 and read her books until I trudged upstairs many (many) minutes later.

When I opened the door, Landon was cross-legged in front of Claire's crib reading (or, "reading") Clifford the Firehouse Dog. He was telling her about the stop-drop-and-roll routine and she was cracking up. Fire safety is so silly.

Landon will also run in to her room to turn on her music mobile if she's fussing early in the morning. This almost always puts her back to sleep, and he gets it done long before JP and I have registered the fact that she's crying, debated whose turn it is to climb upstairs to deal with it, and then actually climbed up the stairs and dealt with it. Our little nanny toddles back to bed until Claire starts making noises again. Then, Landon races back in (his room isn't next to hers, so I'm not sure how he hears her before we do through the monitor) and the two of them laugh, read stories, and just generally entertain each other until their absentee parents finally go up to get them. I'd feel guilty about our using our 3.5 year old as early morning childcare, but he does it on his own and he always seems so proud and happy when we come in the nursery. I consider it restitution for all the sleep he stole from us during his first 10 months of life.

Landon is very into super heroes right now. Since he's never seen any movies or TV shows with them, he doesn't really understand what they do and he gets their various powers and catch phrases all mixed up. He has a Batman cape and he wears it running around the house exclaiming, "it's Batman to the rescue -- to infinity and beyond!" I always think of that when I hear him run into Claire's room in the morning: Big Brother to the rescue, for infinity and beyond.


  1. I absolutely LOVE their relationship. You are just so blessed. Love how Claire is looking at him adoringly.

  2. Did you ever imagine that he would be so sweet and helpful before Claire was born? Lessons on training toddlers/kids to be helpful, please! ;)

  3. That's so sweet and wonderful.

  4. LL, looking at that lovely carpet in those first few pictures - if Claire has bad allergies, that might be something you might want to nix. I don't know what she's allergic to but carpets can be really bad (no matter how clean you keep them) for mould and stuff. I just know that most pple with allergies really prefer homes without carpets - the Kit Kat has the allergies, excema, asthma mix and we ripped up 75% of the carpet in our house a few years ago. We found some really nice hardwood floors underneath (why would anyone cover those up??) and I'm glad we've done it.

    I hope Claire Bear doesn't show any signs of excema - my Kit Kat started off with the excema as a baby and the allergies came later. Quite a few years after that they diagnosed the asthma, the three tend to go together apparently.

    Anyway, just something to think about, I hate to hear about red, puffy eyes, a constantly running nose and a baby waking up coughing. It's so sad. :(

  5. LL, I have to echo MMC's comments. O has bad allergies (and asthma and eczema) and the first think the allergist asked was whether we had carpet and curtains. You might want to take her for a work up where they test for common allergens, like environmental allergies, pet dander etc. Poor baby! :(

  6. Oh, I hope my "big guy" likes his little brother as much as Landon likes his little sis!