Tuesday, January 4, 2011

7 Months

I have strep throat and have spent the day in a feverish haze of kindle reading, and being half-asleep, dreaming about the books I'm reading on my kindle (the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward. Holy crap they're good. Also addictive- I've read 3 in 3 days and am on the 4th. And they give you really weird semi-conscious dreams.) I now have antibiotics and steroids for the swelling that is threatening to cut off off my ability to swallow, so I should be feeling much better soon.

But enough about me. Guess who turned 7 months old today?


I thought I'd let her take it away from here.

Hi guys, it's me! The Clairebiscuit. My mommy took a bunch of pictures of me in a row to catch all my funny faces right now.

This is my, "what is on my head?" face.

A profile shot of my "I'm trying to decide if I like what's on my head" face.

(I decided I liked it.)

Here's my "Holy geeze, it's my big brother!!!!!" face.

A modified form of my "yay for big brothers!" face, complete with big brother.

My super focused, super concentrated, "I need to hit that" face. Because sometimes it's important to hit things with your palm stretched out all flat. It makes some noise, shows some action, you know?

And then there's my "what was that?!" face.

And finally, my much used, super happy face.

Do you know why I'm smiling?

Actually, I have no idea, I just like being happy. An elf on TV once said, "I just like smiling, smiling is my favorite."

He is a wise man. Happy 7 months to me!


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Happy 7 months Biscuit!!! Your smile makes me smile...and that's a very good thing! You are adorable and I'm having so much fun watching you grow up!

    Patty from TX

  2. Oh my gosh! Your daughter is so cute! That smile is crazy! Feel better!

  3. Hooray for 7 months of the Biscuit!

  4. Sorry you are sick! (Also, I've been thinking about your mother-in-law, probably just because it's comforting to know that there are people in the world who are a lot crazier than me.) Claire is awesome!!! So glad you are enjoying her so!

  5. Hope you feel better soon! Happy 7 months Claire! Wow, time really flies. Claire really is adorable. My favorite "face" is the one when she sees Landon. She is SO excited!

  6. I agree with LT!

  7. ADORABLE! Lordy, she's cute!

    I hope you feel better! And I'm THRILLED you love the BDB series. I don't feel the need to own and re-read a lot of books- I read about 8 books a month, so that's just too much to store. But that series? Yup, I own all of them just so I can savor them over and over!

    Her Fallen Angels series is good too- although I enjoyed Book 2 more then Book 1. Happy reading! :)

  8. What a sweetheart!
    Hope you're feeling better soon, though. Strep really sucks.