Sunday, September 26, 2010

Skinny Jeans and Tutus

Just so you don't think every morning goes like the last one I described, Friday involved a time warp of a different variety. It was more like a time-sucking vortex where one minute it's 7:10 a.m. and everyone is happy, and next thing you know it's 8:51 and there's been lots of crying but nothing is done. I was still in my pj's, Landon was on his fifth trip to his room- a record by three whole trips- and still in his pj's, and Claire was finally fed (I'd had to keep setting her down to haul Landon back upstairs) but alas, also in her pj's. JP came home from swim practice and thirty minutes later, Landon was merrily waving bye-bye to me as he marched off to daycare with daddy- you'd never know I was literally tossing his sobbing self onto his bed an hour earlier.

So at 8:52 I was still not dressed. Friday was a jeans day at work. Normally this is exciting, but right now in this weird post-partum, normal arms and legs, 10 extra pounds in my stomach phase, none of my jeans fit. I've bought two pairs of transition work pants, but I hate to spend money on casual stuff that I don't wear often and hopefully won't need soon. So I pulled out a pair of super stretchy skinny jeans that I'd never worn and surprise surprise- they fit! I'd never worn them before, skinny jeans have always intimidated me and I have no idea why I bought them, but I was very late so I didn't take the time to obsess over how they made me look. I just threw on a burnt orange and cream striped sweater and tucked my jeans into tan leather cowboy boots. My hair went into a pony tail and I put on some big brassy hoops. It was a decidedly non-me outfit, but I got so many compliments that perhaps I should dress like non-me more often.

Friday was busy- first I had a knock-down political fight with one of my favorite partners. Luckily it was by email so I could get work done between salvos. Then my day hit another time vortex and suddenly it was almost 4:00 and I still had way too many things to do. I finally left at 6:30. I suppose it says quite a lot about where I work (and the section I work in) that I was both annoyed at the unusually late hour and very much alone.

The rest of the weekend has been lovely. We watched some football yesterday. Or JP and Claire watched it and I occasionally noted the score on the screen while playing Candy Land with Landon. It is a disappointment to me that I simply don't care about football- even as an athlete at UT with free tickets to the games and great seats, I couldn't watch for more than a quarter without looking for a way to get out. It just takes so long! The clock is constantly stopping and not much seems to happen for long stretches of time, just a lot of running at each other and falling down 3 yards later. So I don't get it, and I feel a little left out when everyone gets so excited about it on facebook in the Fall.

But just because I don't care about football doesn't mean that I don't still love my Longhorns (from a safe emotional distance; I merely prefer they win things, my heart isn't on the line or anything) and I don't still enjoy putting my kids in burnt orange (or bright orange when burnt can't be found) attire:

Unlike her mama, the Biscuit loves her football. She sat on JP's lap for nearly 2 hours watching the colors move on the screen. That's probably non-APA approved, but Landon still refuses to watch any TV, so Claire's just getting the time he won't use.

She really is the smiliest baby I've ever seen. She spends about 90% of her non-sleeping, non-eating time smiling huge face-filling smiles. And she doesn't discriminate- young, old, known, unknown- if you make eye contact with her and smile, she'll give you a big one back. She's a big hit at parties, grocery stores, and senior retirement communities like the we visited today (brunch with my grandparents and a trip to the zoo; to be covered in a future post).

In addition to the zoo trip, I also shopped for and decorated a basket for our daycare's yearly fundraiser (I'm Room Parent) and re-read the first two Anne of Green Gables books. It's been a great weekend.


  1. 6:30 is an unusually late hour and you were alone? No wonder you love your firm.

  2. It's true (for my section, not so much in corporate), and I do. My part of the building empties out by 6 and then everyone works again from home as needed. They could stay and get everything done before leaving, but all but two of our associates are women and all but one have kids, so we're all about the dinner break. You can tell whose kids go to bed when by what time you start getting emails from them again.

  3. Sorry to say, but I absolutely agree with you about football. Thanks for the coherent explanation about why it's so blah. Nice, LL! :)

  4. That outfit sounds SO cute and funky for fall! Fashion show, please?

    As for football, I feel exactly the same way you do, except that I have no preference re: whether or not my school wins. :)

    WTG Landon for not caring about TV, also! I'm not saying you're a villain for "letting" 'em watch it, but it says a lot (of good things) about you as a parent that Landon isn't into it. Sounds like he lives in a really fun and interesting home with his favorite toys, pets, and family to interact with. :)

  5. If that isn't an amazing fashion statement then I just don't know what is.

  6. If you think football is boring, just wait until Landon decides he wants to play soccer. I don't mind the professional level, but 60 minutes of little kids running around kicking the ball randomly and bursting into tears is a bit much. Even when it's my own special snowflake doing it.

  7. you're room parent?! Seriously? What DON'T you do?