Friday, September 3, 2010

5 years ago

So today is JP and my actual wedding anniversary. After last weekend we made ourselves promise that we wouldn't use today as an excuse to spend more money by going out for dinner or doing anything else crazy. And we were pretty good- dinner tonight was leftover lasagna, but we did go out for sandwiches after a joint trip to the gym and Costco. Oh the romance, it's in the air!

But I do have something romantic to share. While going through old wedding pictures to find one to post today, I found this video clip of JP's reception toast! I'd completely forgotten we had it. One of the only regrets I have about my wedding is that we didn't hire a videographer for the reception. It was such a fantastic party- people danced until the country club closed, and I was operating in such a cloud of happiness and hurt feet that my memories are a blur. But luckily a friend of mine happened to take some video during the toasts. JP and I didn't do personal vows (we like tradition and so does my pastor), so we made toasts to each other at the reception instead. I wrote mine out, of course, and then cried the minute I tried to read it. Also of course, JP refused to plan for his at all, despite my urgings, but because he's a great public speaker, he did pretty darn well just winging it. The quality of the clip is terrible, but it still made me a little teary the first time I watched it again.

I cropped it because it was getting a little long, but his present was a beautiful Cartier watch that I have worn nearly every day since. September 3, 2005 was such an amazing day, and I'm so glad I got to see a little piece of it again!


  1. I just love JP's southern accent. Makes this Canadian girl want to say things like "soda" and "ya'll".

    Happy Anniversary to you both...such a cute couple!

  2. wow- that was so sweet! I love that you two toasted each other. Maybe that's common at weddings for the bride and groom to toast each other but we didn't do that at our wedding and now I wish we had! so sweet! I love how proud he is to call you by your married name :)

  3. So cute! And while I never guessed that was your name, a beautiful name it is indeed!

  4. LL, how wonderful! JP is so cute with his accent (of course, he WAS cute before, too.)

    Thanks for revealing the present so we weren't left in suspense. :)

  5. Hey WNW (and everyone else :), I don't think toasts to each other are traditional, we had just wanted to add something personal to each other and I figured we should call them toasts rather than speeches. My wedding was actually the first wedding I had been to since I was 10, so we really had no idea what was usually done- we just made up what we wanted :) Worked out great!

  6. LL...why did you cut this short of the gift presentation? You must must must post more of this wonderful, tender moment as your next post or I'll die! (not really but I feel like cheated woman!) I agree with Procratimom about JP's accent. You 2 are just the cutest couple!

  7. Happy anniversary!
    Totally unsolicited opinion: I'd convince JP to lose the beard. :)

  8. Happy Anniversary! While you have not changed a bit, JP had quite the baby face five years ago :)

  9. It was sweet of you to put this up. I have been reading for a while and these personal touches are great!


    P.S. You're name suits you perfectly