Monday, August 16, 2010

A Worthless, Wonderful Day

I did nothing today. I began with good intentions. I was up early to get Claire from her crib when she woke up at 7 (10 hours straight! and she's up in her own room now, which is marvelous). She did her usual 15 minutes of spastic excited smiling when I first picked her up and then we snuggled in for a bottle and waited for her brother to come downstairs. JP was at morning practice, so I got Landon settled with his cheerios and milk when he came downstairs with his personal menagerie at 7:30. Both kids were full of good cheer and it was a happy morning all the way until JP took Landon to daycare at 10. It was "dress up" day and Landon chose to wear his fire fighter hat, a green shirt with an alligator, his blue and black plaid shorts, and purple sparkly princess shoes (well, he didn't have the shoes until he got to daycare- every morning when he arrives he kicks off his shoes and trades them for a pair from the dress-up bin). He was also carrying his yellow duck (each morning he gets to choose one of his four beloved animals to bring to daycay for nap time). I wish I'd taken a picture.

Anyway, I had plans to exercise, take a shower, run a few post-vacation errands, and get my camera checked out by a professional. But then I queued up all the shows I'd DVR'd while we were on vacation, including 12 re-runs of The West Wing that air on Bravo in the mornings. Claire was being smiley and adorable so we cuddled on the couch for a while. Several hours later I was on the 5th West Wing episode and I realized I should at least get up and brush my teeth. A few hours after that I made a sandwich and drank a diet coke. Next thing I knew it was 5:00 and I probably hadn't walked more than 200 steps all day. I quickly did some push-ups and sit-ups and felt better. Clairebear thought my push-ups were hilarious- she was laying next to me and liked to see my head go up and down.

I am usually a very active person. Even when I'm home I'm organizing things, cleaning things, or just walking back and forth trying to find something to do. At one point, I believe around 3:00, I struggled with feeling guilty and lazy for doing so much nothing all day, but then I just decided to embrace it. I go back to work in three weeks and if I'm ever going to spend an entire day being unproductive and cuddling with my baby, now is the time to do it. Claire spend a total of maybe an hour out of my arms and it was marvelous. Even dinner was lazy- last night while preparing our steak dinner I also made a big pan of chicken and spinach lasagna, all I had to do tonight was heat it up. I closed out the day with a long bath with Claire (she looooves them and just snuggles in my arm in the warm water for as long as I'll stay in there) and some couch time with JP. I don't think I've ever done this much snuggling or sitting in 15 hours, but it was lovely. For one day at least.


  1. Awesome. I am your personality type, so I know what an accomplishment yesterday was!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic day! There must have been something in the water. I did literally nothing yesterday - I vacuumed one room, folded one basket of laundry, and washed one load of laundry - that's it. I snuggled with the kids and then called my husband to bring takeout for dinner. Usually I do a lot more than that - my house is spotless now that I'm on maternity leave! You're right - once work begins again, you just won't have a guilt free day of doing nothing. Might as well enjoy it!

  3. I loved taking baths with my newbies. So sweet and relaxing!

  4. Embrace it while you can, my dear.
    Embrace it while you can. ;-)