Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Backyardigans

The high today was 103 degrees. The weatherman on the local news did everything short of ordering people to stay inside to avoid a toxic UV ray overdose, so of course Landon begged to play outside, thus proving my theory that toddlers are impervious to heat. JP was coaching a swim lesson and Claire was sleeping, so I set up a little resort in the one shaded corner of our backyard. And by resort, I mean a 2-year-old blow up froggy pool, a faded lawn chair from craigslist, a hose, and a baby monitor. It was awesome.

Blowing up the pool was an adventure. I believe that love is putting your mouth on the valve of a plastic frog that's been wadded up in a corner of your garage, probably serving as a nesting spot for various disgusting insects, for nearly a year. But Landon looked at me like I was made of magic for making his froggy come to life, so that made it almost worth it-- at least after I spit a few times and rubbed my mouth with a beach towel.

After we were all set up, I decided the dogs needed to join in this fun family experience. Due to last summer's record breaking heat wave our dogs have turned into inside-only pampered pups who only go out to pee and then beg to come back in. I filled a big bowl with cold water, brought out some new tennis balls, and dragged the dogs out with us. Tex tried to act like he was having fun, but Rosie spent her time sitting next to me and looking overheated.

WTF woman, WTF.

After twenty minutes I gave up and let them back in. They spent the rest of the afternoon watching us through the kitchen windows in air conditioned comfort.

Landon kept asking me when Claire was going to wake up. He was so excited to show her his pool and he had all sorts of plans for how they were going to play together. I barely had the heart to tell him he was still about 12 months ahead of himself. He loves his sister fiercely and is always looking out for her when he thinks we're falling down on the job. Yesterday I was lectured for not feeding her fast enough. Claire had been crying for about 12 seconds while I finished doing something, and Landon ran over from his play room to tell me, "Mommy! She's hungry- you have to FEED her!" And then he stood there and waited for me to get the bottle and attend to Claire before he returned to his trains. It's a good thing he's around- poor thing looks like she's about to starve to death.

Luckily, after about an hour of Landon filling and dumping his measuring cups, the Clairebear woke up. As always, she was super excited to see me. I brought her outside and tried to explain to Landon that she couldn't swim with him, even if he was a good swimmer and knew how to teach her, but she could watch. He thought that was okay, but only if he could keep running over to touch her toes with his wet hands so she could feel like she was in the water. It was so hot that the water nearly evaporated before he walked the 2 feet over to her chair, so I figured it wouldn't bother her much.

And I think she may have even liked it:

(this picture is definitely going in my office)

It turned out to be a really great afternoon. The only way it could have been better is if a snow cone truck was parked in our driveway and I could fit into my old swim suit. Two things to work towards.


  1. My kids go nuts when I lay a tarp down at the bottom of their little slide and make a big puddle for them to slide into. They call it "the water park." LOVE the frog pool! Claire seems destined to be a swimmer too!

  2. oh my gosh - that pic of the two of them! SO adorably funny! and when Claire is a tall thin gorgeous teenager she will hate you for it! :)

  3. Both of those pics made me melt. Sooooo cute!