Thursday, March 4, 2010


While leaving daycare this evening:

Landon: Where is Matthew's daddy?
Me: Maybe he's at work?
Landon: Noooo, only mommies go to work!


  1. (delurking for maybe the 2nd or 3rd time here..)

    We're a non-traditional working family like you; I work long crazy hours in a professional setting and my husband, for now, is the stay-at-home-parent because it just made the most sense for our family. It's funny how kids accept their life as the norm and work with it. Our daughter (4.5) always talks about her husband who will take care of the kids and work sometimes and how she'll be a firefighter or teacher or doctor or restaurant owner or whatever has her fancy that day. Our son (3) talks about having babies and working in the yard or garden or around the house but only occasionally about various career things (Chiefly of being a dinosaur or a pirate or a race car. He's 3.) They find it odd when both parents work or when the mom is the primary caregiver and daddy goes off to work, even though that's the case for almost every other family we know.

  2. What progress we've made!

  3. Love it! There is a large chance that we will be a Mom works, Dad stays at home family :)

  4. I should note that after a few moments of silence, which I spent was silently giggling while Landon stared out the window, he informed me that "daddies go to school, but they don't take the school bus, they drive their own car because they are big." And that, obviously, explained where Matthew's daddy was (a question I'm not entirely sure why we were trying to answer).

  5. That is so awesome! My husband would love it to be that way.

  6. I had a friend who was an Episcopal priest and a mom. Her four year son asked her if boys can grow up to be priests. In deadpan, she answered, "They can now, honey."

  7. Awesome. I love that!

    We're over here blowing that stereotype all to heck.

    A few weeks ago, my mom took my youngest daughter (age 2.5) while I went home to do something. As I was driving away, Lucy asked my mom where I was going and my mom said "Home, to work." And Lucy said "Noooooo! Mommy no work. Daddy work."