Monday, March 22, 2010

Landon, right now

I know I promised nursery pictures, and they are ready to go, but after working on Landon and his sister's baby books over the weekend, I feel a strong need to freeze time just for a moment on focus on Landon and what he's doing right now -- because this kid, this former baby who made me fear all future babies, is pretty much 33 lbs. of toddler perfection.

(newborn Landon in the framed scrapbook page I made two weeks ago; we've come a long way baby)

Work was light this past week due to a combination of Spring Break and every case I touch immediately entering mediation, so I left at about 3 each day to pick up Landon and hang out with my boys. Daycare pick-up remains one of the very best parts of my day- in fact, I have a potential post brewing about how daycare is really one of the best parts of my little family's life generally- and each day last week I would walk outside Landon's classroom (on nice days the kids are always outside; the teachers just transfer the materials for whatever art project and activity they have next to the tables outside) and watch him playing with his friends, usually racing around on a bike with his girlfriend, until he spotted me. He'd then launch himself off the bike with a happy cry of "mommeeee!" and run over for a big hug. That completed, he'd turn right around and run back to his bike and his friends and I'd spend 20-30 minutes trying to get him to leave with me.

But because I was so early, we didn't have to rush out the door. It was fun to linger in the yard chatting with his teachers and listening to their funny stories of Landon and his friends. We're so blessed with this neighborhood daycare center. The teachers really are fantastic and the way they tell stories about the kids reminds me of the way JP and I talk about Landon at night. Always half laughing, shaking our heads, and marveling at his quirks and the things toddlers say. And since we don't do many playdates because weekends are nearly sacred family time and he gets plenty of social time during the week, it was also really fun to watch Landon talk to and play with the other kids.

When I got tired of standing in the sand in my heels, I'd mention the snack I had waiting for him in the car and Landon would agree to leave. He had to hug every teacher and wave goodbye to all of his friends and then usually hug each teacher again, and then we could head to the car. I'm glad I got a window into his afternoon that I don't usually see. I love how much he enjoys "daycay" and his teachers and classmates (always referred to collectively as "my friends"). I love our dinner table conversation and the glimpses he gives us of his day- the shirt a friend wore, who sat by him at lunch, who didn't eat their lunch, or how fast he rode his bike outside (hint: very fast, always very fast). And I love his little daycarisms- like turning a book around to face me after "reading" each page aloud, just like I'm sure his teachers do at circle time, even though he's on my lap and I can see better when he leaves the book the way it is.

He's an affectionate little guy who loves to give hugs and whose new favorite thing is to "get cozy with you mama" (which means he sits on my lap on the couch with my arms around him). Toddlers don't (or can't) make much attempt to hamper their emotions which means that while you may get the full force of their unhappiness with the way their jacket zips up and touches their chin, you also get the full force of their love and zest for life. And Landon spends most of his time full of love and zest. He starts each day by announcing with excitement and pride that "I wake up!" - I think if I started my day that filled with a sense of accomplishment it would be very hard to ever be in a bad mood.

The way he makes me feel on a daily basis, and the way JP and I giggle about the things he's done or said when we go to bed at night, makes me understand why people who have kids talk so enthusiastically about parenthood even though it's hands down the hardest thing you'll ever do. I feel like we're in an oasis of easy right now - we're out of the physical rigors of newbornhood but not yet to the difficult line-drawing and emotional ups and downs of teen and pre-teenland. His needs are pretty simple, the boundaries are pretty easy (even if somewhat tiring) to (repeatedly) draw, and kisses and hugs still have magical powers. It's a very happy time and I wish I could sum it up in words to store away forever.

(showing off the necklace we made on Saturday;
a natural model, he felt this pose best showcased his creation)

Instead I can only write little anecdotes, like how he always tells Tex he's a "handsome boy" as he pats him on the head, something he must have picked up from me, though I didn't realize I said it so often. Or how delighted he gets when something matches (ex: his shirt, socks, and milk cup - what could be better?!), something I'm certain he picked up from me. And I can soak him up and be present every moment I'm with him, and then one day go back through and read my archives with a big smile on my face.


  1. This was such a sweet post. What a darling boy. I cannot wait to hear stories about how he adjusts to having a new sister! He is going to be a wonderful big brother.

  2. You should totally submit that picture into a contest. It's just perfect - pure glee was captured.

  3. I love the bottom picture. He's so adorable.

  4. The picture of the two of them hugging is such a keeper!

  5. He is a sweetie pie! Love the way he is posing!

    I also loved day care while mine were there! The stories about their day, all the structure, the little friends! So cute! I cannot wait for Wes to start school in the fall. He is going to love it.

    Toddler hugs are the best!

  6. aww! i love this post! It captured so much of how i feel about Jacob :) You write so well, I can never put into words how I feel as well as you do. And what you write always strikes a familiar chord :)

  7. you have so many wonderful pictures of Landon! thanks so much for sharing them. (great scrapbooking skills btw, love that framed page!)

  8. You hit it all in the last sentence. Some day you will (repeatedly) be able to go back and read all those little stories, look at those pictures and just feel his joy for life.

    I wish I had had a blog to document my two when they were little. But I'm glad I had it to document some of what Mom and I went through together near the end - as much as it can hurt to read through it, it's helpful and something I will always have captured. So yeah, whether the very good or the very bad, we are lucky to have captured it forever, me thinks.

    And that pic of Landon and JP - priceless.

  9. The way you write about Landon and your family makes me so jealouse and excited to start a family of my own. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of what it's like.

  10. Landon is such a lucky little boy. You guys are truly wonderful parents! (And I suppose you are lucky parents to have such a truly wonderful boy, too!) :)

    Also, your experience with day care(continues to)make me feel like it is such a good idea. Obviously there are many equally good options for each family/ personality, but he is just thriving, and it's so great to see that.

    Great post, LL.

  11. Awww, Landon is so cute! Now can we have nursery pictures?!?

  12. I spent over 25% of today nursing, and I need much more sleep than I'm getting. Thanks for such an uplifting post! I can't wait to get to know my little one, and have stories filled with smiles and laughter too.